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Created: 2008/09/24.

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Recall how I mentioned the Lake of Fire and our Sun as a Red Giant. Things in the natural reflect things in the eternal (Romans 1:20). So God built images into Genesis, Revelation and indeed throughout the Bible to keep reminding us that it is Him. Of course these images read as plain simple text because for the last 4 millennia such detail was only going to confuse the issue. Our technical insight is simply revealing Godís fore-knowledge and wisdom in more detail.

Hungry for more

If you are hungry for more technical details, chapter 5 of ďRefuting CompromiseĒ by Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D., is a beautiful fusion of technical and godly insight that goes far beyond what I offer.

Frames of Reference

In Jonathanís book I read a brief section on frames of reference that I will extend a little. Someone complained that the Bible referred to the ďsun moving across the skyĒ, but that is wrong because the sun does not move Ė itís the earth that rotates. Of course the same person would routinely refer to a beautiful sunrise or sunset as such. From an observer on earth itís quite reasonable to describe the sun as moving. An observer on the moon would see the earth rotating from his perspective. An observer outside the solar system would see the earthís rotation around the sun as the major motion. An observer outside this galaxy would see the sunís rotation around the centre of the galaxy as the primary motion. Finally an observer outside the universe or at least in a distant galaxy would see the apparent expansion of the galaxies as the dominate feature.

A mathematical translation can be defined to map any observation in one of these frames to any other frame. So all observers can describe their observations and can be truthfully translated to any other frame. They are all equivalent. Some of the more distant and faster moving frames will have translations that involve relativistic calculations where time and length can vary. I like to simply say that time is somewhat elastic.

So, can we accept a little elasticity in Godís description of time? Well, thatís not the main issue here. All these frames of reference have observers whose perspective and values are different. But when God communicates with man, we are not looking at a different physical frame of reference. God is communicating with all races of man over thousands of years. Many cultures have a different world view, paradigm of existence, value system, or frame-work and yet God desires that all can understand and know Him. It is the common manís world view that is the frame of reference that God is translating His word into, so that all may know Him.

It is the ultimate pride and vanity of post 20th Century Western culture to criticize the Word of God on some perceived technical correctness. I can see why God says in Proverbs, not to argue with a scoffer. Whatever precious insights about God that I might share with them will simply be trampled on. But for those who believe, I hope you will not let this vanity deceive you.

Trust me Ė Iím a scientist

I donít think most scientists set out to lie. But if you donít acknowledge God then you are deceived about the fundamentals. This is not a personal attack, just some perspective.

Thereís talk about building an even better space telescope to find out answers to questions that the Hubble telescope has revealed. If you want to put your faith in something, then think about the following...

The reality is that scientists are not answering questions as much as finding out how much more there is to know. Or said another way, they are not building a more complete picture as much as finding out how incomplete their picture is.

You donít have to study the latest scientific research to know this. This is not anti-science Christian propaganda. The scientists themselves are saying this. Scientists are not trying to lie or hide anything, in fact, they are excited. You get it on television science programs and even the newspaper. But it never comes with a retraction or apology...

ďSorry, we thought we had it all figured out and you donít need God any more, but we were totally wrong. Sorry that some of you turned away from your faith only to suffer eternal torment. But donít worry, we will dream up something else soon.Ē

It comes down to this Ė I build my house on the rock, not on shifting sand.

Some sceptics think that god or gods were created by man to explain what they could not understand, and now manís understanding of the universe has cut away all need for God. I can understand why they think this but itís more a presumption than a researched philosophy and itís totally wrong in the context of the Christian and Jewish faiths. These were born out of a very real God declaring that I am God Ė itís real and personal and interactive, and by the way itís beyond your understanding, but donít worry, Iím in control.

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