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Unwritten Laws of Evolution.
Man ventures out.
Parallel Universes.

Created: 2008/09/24.

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Unwritten Laws of Evolution

The following will give you some idea of my taste for the principles that undergird evolution, which is a lie that has caused many to be deceived. But everyone is looking for why we exist. Those that cannot accept God seek a God-less solution. The truly sad part is that it’s not just those who dreamed up evolution that will suffer eternal torment but all those who are deceived and believe it. People who are blinded by evolution and deny God are not the enemy. They just need to hear the truth. But here are some rules that you will see at work. Recognise them and guard yourself against them.

   Pure imagination
+ Unimaginably long periods of time
= Logical

+ Computer graphics
= Fact

Man ventures out

As man’s understanding of this universe has grown, I like to imagine that God has designed things so that, rather than becoming puffed up with pride thinking that we know so much, that what we discover is a greater and greater world or universe than we could ever have imagined. Whether we look down into the microscopic or out into the distant starts, we can be increasingly in awe of creation and our Creator. This was designed to keep us humble. Alas man has managed to miss this also.

Parallel Universes

The theoretical physicists have seen how the mathematics supports the possibility of parallel universes. The laws of physics could be totally different in adjacent universes. These parallel universes are physically close together but a little academic because you cannot transition between them. So, could Heaven, traditionally pictured as “up above” and Hell pictured as below, actually be better understood as parallel universes?

The Bible actually talks about several places that might easily be parallel universes. As mentioned there is Heaven. Here are just some...

All this is easily re-pictured as parallel universes where God sets constraints on how spiritual beings can move between them. When we die our spirit is released from the mortal flesh and can transition to Heaven or Hell. God declares that this universe in “bound over to frustration and decay” (Romans 8:20-21) but the laws of physics will be different in Heaven and we will live forever.

The Bible talks about demons possessing people; and about how Jesus and the Father will make a make a home with us (John 14:23); and about how this body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. From this we get to see that our bodies are spiritual real-estate. In the realm of the spirit our bodies posses attributes of space that demons seek to posses and God seeks to share with us. It’s a bit like Doctor Who’s Tardis – bigger on the inside than the outside.

So the mathematicians are simply getting a glimpse of the properties by which God established all these things. Of course the Bible uses the traditional images rather than engaging in such advanced concepts. These traditional images of Heaven and Hell, of paradise and torment actually communicate the flavour of the different realms or universes which is the important thing. I actually find it easier to image the Lake of Fire as a different universe rather than some place “over there” separated by a deep chasm. Once I am in Heaven I will never see nor consider that realm just as these other universes are currently invisible to me.

In Matthew 25:10 scripture declares that after those being saved are gathered in, the door will be shut forever. Viewed as separate universes, this simply states what science would tell us, namely that there is no possibility of transition from the Hell universe to the Heaven universe. So you really need to know Jesus because scripture declares that He is the living way by which we transition to Heaven and there is no other way. Sin cannot transition into Heaven and only forgiveness through Jesus will cleans it from your spirit.

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