Science Topics #2

Pre-Cambrian Explosion.
Dark Matter.
Red Giants.

Created: 2008/09/24. Updated: 2008/12/22.

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Pre-Cambrian Explosion

On a TV program they were describing how all life forms evolved with 5 basic body types. These could be traced all the way back to the “Pre-Cambrian Explosion” of life where suddenly there is the appearance of lots of different life forms in the sea with these 5 body types. I wondered if they ever listened to themselves. There was a sudden explosion of life but then only slow gradual changes that never changed the basic body geometry.

Dark Matter

I heard that the latest research showing that the Universe’s expansion is accelerating rather than decelerating as expected. To explain this away scientists postulate “Dark Matter”. It is now fashionable to search for this dark matter. Now let me see, this stuff has never been seen or detected but somehow there has to be more of it than the known mass of the universe. Now there is a faith statement. And the Bible says that, God hides himself in dark clouds (Exodus 20:21, Psalm 18:9, Psalm 97:2) and also that God holds the world/universe in His hand (Psalm 95:4, Isaiah 40:12, Isaiah 48:13). So what do you think they are really looking for?

Red Giants

In Revelation 20:14-15 and Mark 9:42-47 we see the image of the Lake of Fire. My high school science text book had a picture I can still remember of our sun growing into a red giant poised to swallow up the earth. It looked just like a lake of fire. Is this what Jesus was talking about? Absolutely not, but it is prophetic confirmation of what is to come in the eternal. Does this confirm the scientific model of the life cycle of a Sun? Who cares! It seems to me that God designed things so that we would see the fulfilment of His word wherever we looked.

Here is an image of the sun as it is now, before it grows into a red-giant...

As a matter of interest, CMI have this very informative article on the sun...

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