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Science in submission.
Science plays catch-up.
Everyone will acknowledge God

Created: 2008/09/24. Updated: 2015/08/22.

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Science in submission

I know that some readers will be concerned that I am suggesting that science is confirming the Bible and that this elevates Science above the Bible. Actually it is just the opposite. I see imperfect science throwing up images that are the same as Genesis chapter 1 written some 3,500 years ago. Science is cracked a flawed in its ability to look back in time and may be mistaken about time scales, but it seems that science is acknowledging, perhaps not even knowingly, the Word of God. Hence Science is coming into submission to the Bible just as the Scripture talks about making His enemies a footstool. (Psalm 110:1)

Science plays catch-up

Frankly, science has been playing catch-up for several thousand years. Science started with what was self-evident, but wrong, namely a flat earth model. Gradually it accepted a round earth but still with the sun, moon and stars orbiting the earth. Then the Sun became the centre, planets and stars were differentiated. Then galaxies and clusters of galaxies and black holes and BANG, the universe was created in a blaze of light. This is where the Bible starts. So science is playing catch-up. It’s still got lots of problems with its models. Scientists generally know this but until there is a better model they persevere with what they have. Of course the general public is presented with the impression that all is understood and there are no uncertainties. One thing is for sure, God was first to publish and He gets naming rights!

Late Update (Aug 2015). The following article at has truly excellent insights that go beyond what I can offer. It is well worth a read: “The sun: our special star”.

Everyone will acknowledge God

When God is pouring out his wrath in Revelation 16, the people curse and blame God, just as Adam blamed the woman and then God for giving him the woman (Genesis 3:12). You note that no one is writing off the plagues as “natural” disasters. They all acknowledge God, but only those who accept Jesus submit to God.

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