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This challenges presumed prerequisites for salvation.

Created: 2008/09/24.

Shakeup, Home

In Luke 23:40-43, one of the criminals crucified with Jesus asked Jesus to remember him when He comes into His kingdom.Ē Jesus reply was, ďTruly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise.Ē That must rate as the best shakeup for anyone who wants to tick all the boxes. By this I mean those who insist that you have to be baptised and speak in tongues to be saved. Time to chill-out boys and girls and let God be God! He can show mercy to whomever He chooses. The only box you need to tick is ďJesus is LordĒ!

But wait, it gets even better. In Matthew 27:52 saints, presumably those who believed the prophetic declarations about the coming Messiah, were raised to life. They may well have died before Jesus was even conceived in Mary.

Tragically, some people still insist you have to talk in tongues to be saved. Iíve heard the Scriptures they wave around. I have that gift and donít mean to deride it at all. One thing I will say for these believers, if you want that gift, then go get them to pray for you because they have faith in that area and Iíve seen it work. Clearly their reading of Scripture, (philosophy), is different to mine and the apparent release of many into this gift through their faith is a shake-up for my convictions.

I happily acknowledge these as believers and from the few I have talked with, they seem very zealous for the word. I still see it as tragic because you have to have a very narrow view of the above Scriptures and kind of look sideways at others. There is danger of becoming too legalistic about your own interpretation and not accepting other believers.

As long as Iím opening myself to abuse here from one section of the body I might as well say that I donít think you have to be baptised to be saved. Yes, I know Jesus commanded the disciples to baptise. Have you ever broken any one of His commands? So why does breaking this command cost you your salvation?

If you ask me, I would advise you to be baptised without delay once you believe. Why? Jesus was baptised. Jesus disciples were baptised and were commanded to baptise. Itís a beautiful thing. Itís a chance to declare before man the Lordship of Jesus over your life. See Matthew 10:32 for why this is a good thing. So in practice there is no difference in our actions. Strange then that I feel that this will get me black listed by some believers.

And if I really, really want to offend some people, I will say that I can only see 6 colours in the rainbow. Now boys and girls, if you want a tick in your science test you must list red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. But when I look, I just see blue and purple on the end. The funny thing is you see blue and purple in the Bible and not indigo and violet.

Sir Isaac Newton is credited with first splitting white light into its colours with a prism. He was a believer and it is reported that he decided there must be seven colours because that is Godís number of perfection. But wait, God created this world in 6 days and rested on the seventh, so there are 6 colours. On the seventh day He surveyed all His work. So we see white light as the sum of the other colours put together and white speaks of perfection.

So itís more biblical to have 6 colours than 7, but because some New Age groups have adopted a 6 colour rainbow and because 6 does not sound perfect, and certainly things are not perfect in this world, some of you may insist on 7. Thatís fine, it wonít cost you your salvation, so why will I get criticised for suggesting 6.

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