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Dare we allow God to be God when He seems to be doing something we don’t expect?

Created: 2008/09/24.

Shakeup, Home

At first the title seemed provocative to me, but isn’t it just what we would all agree with. After all God does say the He will do a new thing, so you have to trust Him when it’s not obvious, that is, when you don’t understand. The problem is that many of us have not figured that out yet. Those of us who are most zealous for His word are often the most blind. Jesus was most opposed by the Pharisees who were extremely zealous but tragically wrong. The Pharisees just thought it was about doing the book. (This is not meant to demean everyone who disagrees with interpretations of Scripture that I present here, though I am sure it will apply to some.)

Of course in hindsight the “new thing” is always consistent with His character that is revealed in the Bible. I heard it said once that revivals are often like this. You act in obedience to the Holy Spirit’s leading and understanding comes later.

Putting it another way, what do you want? Do you want to run, walk or wait? Do you want to eat or fast, fight or flee? Whatever you want, I can find some Scripture to affirm it. The big question is, what does God want? And that is the message that I am called to proclaim to you....

In this world people will persecute you, Satan will oppress you, God will discipline (train) you (which is rarely nice), yet we are blessed, and joyful though longing for our heavenly home. Try walking that tight rope without the Holy Spirit talking to you.

Before I go on, I have a few experiences to share. These will show you how he came to set Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding”, as a foundation in my life. I could not live in such a place without hearing His voice. It’s also a testimony to God’s patience in dealing with my stubbornness.

Here are two reasons for God pouring out His Holy Spirit on those who believe:

  1. Without Him we would surely stray.

  2. The fellowship starts now! You don’t have to wait until you get to heaven.

Who ever heard of a Councillor or a Teacher not speaking to his pupils. Of course the Holy Spirit is speaking but pupils who think they know it all; who have read and understand the Bible; stop listening. Then a vibrant relationship with the living God decays into doctrine.

Look, I know this sounds harsh. I was talking to a friend with some wisdom and he said, “not everyone is like you, others just read and understand”. So I wondered, perhaps that’s what it is like and only a few prophetically gifted people actually hear and discern. But try as I might, I cannot sell that line. Perhaps that has been OK in the past, but where is the relationship if it’s one sided. How will we survive the coming times if we are constrained to our understanding. As I first wrote this I wondered and asked,

...God, why am I saying this? Who am I to sound such a rebuke. Aren’t I just supposed to tell them how they can tune in?

Everything in God is a paradox. We are to both love God and fear God. Jesus has won (past tense) the victory yet all things have not yet been placed in submission to Him (at His footstool). Whenever we fix our understanding on just one Scripture or set of Scriptures or doctrine, then we start closing our ears to the Holy Spirit.

Moses gave the Israelites a covenant. Do this and you will live, he said, but they did not. It was black and white. The covenant made though the blood of Jesus is a better covenant. It is not a set of rules and statutes. My intension is not to say what it is but that it is the Holy Spirit who holds us between these extremes and enables us to both love and fear God. He enables us to live in the victory Jesus has won even though we live in a world still enslaved by sin and seemly directed by Satan. He alone steers and sustains us through discipline, oppression and persecution.

I tell you that God is not interested in any more Moses characters. The Israelites wanted God to talk to Moses and then for Moses to tell them. But the whole point of receiving the Holy Spirit is so that God fellowships directly with you. This does not deny the role of leaders discerning the corporate will of God, but we, the flock, so easily drop back to the Israelites position and want our leaders to be Moses.

Scripture quotations taken from the NASB®

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