What if God, knowing the end from the beginning, concealed the history of the entire world in the Bible, from beginning to end?
What if God created Adam after He rested, exactly as written, so that He could be there continuously for His children?
What if God wanted to reveal His heart for mankind, and His son, even before time began?
...He did!

Page 1 of your Bible is way more than the
assembly instructions for the universe.

The history and future of the universe
on one page

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This is where the adventure begins...

Page 1: Gods Timetable

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The COI Universe

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The key sections of GeckoFocus that further develop the themes of this book are:

Game Start
More articles which extend the insights about Genesis started in this book.
Game Over
Actually, not quite Game Over it just steps up a level. This looks at the pending impact of Gods Timetable in other ways.
The Way Back
Its not complete without a focus on Jesus!
Its 11:23
What it seems we are not supposed to know.

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