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Terms of use, for images from Page-1-God

All images from this preview of “Page 1: God’s Timetable” and the book itself are copyrighted. That means that you cannot use them without written permission from me, except under the following terms of use.

What is free?

Please don’t get confused in this funny world about what “free” means:

Terms of Use:

  1. The images may not be used in any book or e-book without prior written permission. This does not preclude the use in handouts or leaflets.

  2. The Cover Page image may only be used when referring to the book by way of advertisement or review.

  3. The images may not be edited but they may be enlarged or reduced in size. If reduced in size to the point that the “” text embedded in each image becomes unreadable by an average person at a typical reading distance for the application in which the image is being used, then the “” must be acknowledged as the source in a readable caption. In the case of the Cover Page image, the book title must be acknowledged.

  4. The images may not be masked or overlaid to hide the “” text embedded in each image. This does not preclude some cropping of the edges to remove the day number and timescale if required.

  5. The images may not be overlaid with other images. This does not preclude the use of dynamic overlays in a "power-point" style presentation provided the images as whole is visible for significant periods of time and the “” is not permanently obscured.

  6. The images with a white background may be re-coloured to change the background colour or to make it transparent provided the new background colour or background image does not obscure the “” or degrade the picture. For example, overlaying a rainbow is allowed, but overlaying pornography or idolatry is not.

  7. The black and white images in the book, which do not contain the “” text, are not to be reproduced except under the terms outlined in the book which basically allows photocopies to be used in discussion groups, provided the book title is referenced.

  8. The images may not be sold by other sources. The electronic copies I have provided free, remain free. This does not for example preclude the selling of a poster onto which these images have been printed. It does not preclude selling of a video presentation which uses these images.

  9. The images may not be used by other sites or persons masquerading as the source of the images. This includes use of the images to pose as representatives or alternatives to this site, by which I mean,, and

  10. I am not responsible for how the images display on your application. They are made available as is, using a common graphics format.

  11. The terms of use may be changed and additional terms added and existing applications of the images must comply with the changes and additions.

Legal speak over

Did you figure it out? You are pretty much free to use these images as long as you keep the “” clearly visible or you don't try and claim to be me. This is not designed to limit the use of the images but to avoid abuse. If you see someone using the images without the “” clearly visible, perhaps because they copied it from some other site and did not read these terms, please remind them because they are still bound by copyright rules.

My declared intent behind the terms of use and the release of the images is to enable the exciting news of God's Timetable to be spread quickly without haggles over money. If that is also your intent and you have good reason to need some custom variant of the images or some permission to use the images in a magazine then it is very likely I will grant such assistance and permission. Any future changes in the terms of use will be in line with this intent. My concern was to avoid use of the images by counterfeit sites pretending to be me but leading people away from the Jesus I know, or modifying the images in some way so as to defame the purpose for which they were created.

These images took quite a while to compile. I would like to thank those artists who generated some of the component images that I used from and (Even though some of the components are public domain images, the compilation is still unique and copyrighted.)

The terms of use are extraordinarily broad and generous. A preacher might use these images in overheads when sharing these insights. The sermon may be recorded and on-sold or placed on You-Tube. Someone else may want to make some money placing the cover sequence on to T-Shirts or a calendar. If you are making a lot of money and are feeling a little guilty, then feel free to send me some. But if you are spreading the good news about Jesus, then I am happy to see you blessed – just remember to be a blessing to others. (Wow, how naive is that?)

Please also read the Copyright statement.

A personal request

The images from God’s Timetable capture much of what I have to share. They are excellent tools in a presentation of this topic. You can make up your own pictures with a little effort, but I want to see the story re-told by other believers. In the book and on this web-site I have attempted to be scripturally rigorous, even bullet proof, because I can imagine the scrutiny that will be applied to some of my assertions. I also did not want to miss anything. So the book needs to be re-told in your own words and perhaps a little more simply. I have made the images available to help you. But, please be sure you also know all the answers for when you are challenged about any of the details.

I am not in control of what will unfold. You know who is. For those who want to share the insights about God’s Timetable, I would ask you not to use them to hype up a congregation. The reason why revelation of the future is given is so that believers will not worry or fear as the time draws near and that they will not be misled when things get tough (Mark 13:3-23, Luke 21:8-28 ). It is not a call to try and be extra holy and righteous and so-to-speak, clean up our act. Jesus achieved all that on the Cross. Our attempts to do that negate the power of the Cross in our lives.

In my opinion, this is a time to listen for what God is saying to you individually. Be humble and walk quietly and confidently with God. This is being released so you won’t be afraid. He will lead you, and I do mean He with a capital H, and not your pastor or priest. You, we, need to know Him personally. Our pastors have a great responsibility to lead us to Him, though really only the Holy Spirit can facilitate that. Take heed (Revelation 1:3) – don’t panic (John 14:27).

And now the images

I have made the images in PNG format. The images used in most other places are usually GIF format because it is a is a little more compact. I have provided them in a medium (96 dots per inch) and high (300 dpi) resolution. The 96 dpi resolution is quite adequate for most applications. The black and white (B&W) versions are only in the high definition. I have also made a version of the colour images with a plain white background (WB) because these use less printer ink.

Image Type

96 dpi

96 dpi

300 dpi

300 dpi

300 dpi

Cover Sequence

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Cover Page

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