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An independent review

The Publisher, BOOKPAL, commissioned an independent review for their web-site. I donít know who the reviewer was or his background. Unlike all the following takes where I try and jam in as much as I can, this review has focussed on Part 1 and the reviewer has captured perhaps the quintessential feature of the book. So I am pleased to offer this to you first:

Take #1

Committed to paper 3,500 years ago; who would have guessed the insights hidden for 21st century genetics and theoretical physics. And those are just some of the spin-off issues. Page 1 of your Bible is way more than the assembly instructions for the universe. It precisely details the last 6 millennia of history and the millennia to come.

Never before seen details confirm it. The greatest story ever told was summarised on page 1. But that is just part 1. Several assumptions, considered too obvious to be challenged, are challenged and it looks like we might have missed something beautiful. Genesis chapters 1 to 9 suddenly make more sense Ė they read the way we always wanted them to read and lots of intriguing issues are resolved. The strangest thing is that itís all obvious in hindsight. You donít need to be a theologian, or a historian, or an expert in Hebrew.

Like all leaps forward, there are massive challenges to conventional thinking. The challenges for people who did not believe there is a God are unsurmountable. No one but God could have laid out all this information. The challenges for people who do believe in God, and thought they had a figured it all out, are truly humbling. The rest of us can simply rejoice in majesty of God.

One of the key challenges is this simple: Genesis 1 finishes with God resting on day 7 and then you read about another creation account Ė the creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 2. Well, that is exactly what it is. God created Adam on day 8 after He rested, exactly as written.

This assertion is so simple. It has been proposed for the wrong reasons in the past and has been fought against for the wrong reasons. Now you need to see the right reasons. This will turn around the image of God you get when you read Genesis and will clarify why human history unfolded the way it did.

Another challenge was to see creation through Godís eyes: We see the Father acknowledging all things created through His Son. The creation of the universe could now be pictured both from within this universe and from the throne room of God. This also leads to a new physical model of the universe that seems to resolve many problems with existing exploding universe models.

This is not a story. This is a revelation hidden in a story. The story has not changed: Godís creation; Adam and Eve; Noah and the flood. However, these revelations will profoundly influence your understanding of these events, and indeed, of all human history. Massive scriptural support is given for this radical rethink.

This book is written for those who believe the Bible and for those who want to believe the Bible. The greatest challenge in this book is not what it says because that seems fairly obvious once you have read it. The challenge is, ďWhy now?Ē

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Take #2

...Shorter but more challenging...

Never before seen details in the Book of Genesis precisely describe 8,000 years of human history. The really exciting part is that this history starts 6,000 years ago, so the 7th and 8th millennia describe the future. ...6 down, 2 to go!

The spin-off issues alone are amazing. Did you ever wonder why scientists think that manís DNA should result in a longer life expectancy than we see today? Well, these new details explain how and when the corruption in our DNA occurred. Further, a model for the creation of the universe is given that explains many observations about the universe that cannot be explained by the Big Bang Theory.

So you might think that theoretical physicists are going to struggle with these ideas. Well, they have the easy part. Itís the Biblical scholars who thought they had it all figured out that have the greatest problem. Everything has been turned around. What they thought has changed, and what they dismissed is revived. Yet the authority of the Bible is esteemed.

There is a lot of information presented but in hindsight itís all pretty simple Ė you just need someone to show you the keys that unlock it all. You donít need to be a theologian, or a have PhD, or to be an expert in Hebrew. And when you close the book, the question wonít be about what you read, but why is it being revealed now!

Take #3

...Another attempt for the publisher...

Godís Timetable reveals how God not only described the creation of the universe on page 1 of the Bible, but also left hints that revealed: The history and future of mankind from Adam onwards; Jesusí role in creation; and how the physical creation of the universe unfolded. These insights also reveal the intimacy God during the Genesis account ó something the Church has missed. It also makes sense of many intriguing issues that have been a puzzle for thousands of years. In colloquial terms this is a makeover for the book of Genesis. It will renew your image of God.

Genesis describes the entire history of mankind after Adam, not just the creation details leading up to Adam, and in astounding detail. If you thought you have heard something like this before, the detail will still blow you away. Though Adam was created only 6 millennia ago, Genesis describes 8 millennia, so you can be sure about the 2 still to come.

When I describe a makeover for the book of Genesis you might be worried, but really you will be delighted to see the Father lavish time on Adam. You will see the patience of God and finally you will see the tragic consequences when man turns to the flesh. You will see God the Father of Jesus in Genesis through New Testament glasses.

The physical creation of the universe I describe is a simple, intuitive model that is better than the Big Bang Theory. You will also see the roles of the Father and the Son in creation, even before time began. All this, yet the plain text of Genesis remains a simplified description.

About the author in 300 words

I tried to avoid this, but the credibility of the words written
is sometimes associated with the credibility of the writer.

Born in Adelaide during the mid-50ís, he commuted between a farm and suburban lifestyle. In sport he played hockey at A grade and competed in ballroom dancing at both amateur and professional levels. Academically he completed a B.Sc. with honours, majoring in Physics and Theoretical Physics, and a B.Eng. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with honours. This was followed by a M.Sc. in Communication Systems. His professional career included work on Radar Systems, Satellite Communication Systems, Image Processing and HF Radio Communications, with a smattering of research and teaching positions. But none of that prepared him for this book.

God stepped into his life in 1984 and it took a decade or so to sort out how this thing was going to continue. After surrendering to Godís way, he was introduced to his wife, and following a turbulent courtship, they were married in 1992. In Godís timing, not the authorís eagerness, they were blessed with a daughter and two sons. Still this did not prepare him for this book, though he now appreciated how great his own parents had been and what it was to love someone else more than his own life.

During the 90ís his zeal saw him moving into leadership roles in the church and a new church plant. But in the late 90ís this was all laid down. Suddenly there was no plan, but every night he would get up around 1 to 3 am and sit in the lounge and talk with his friend, his Jesus Ė about anything and everything; often whingeing about the state of the world and the Church. When Godís presence came it was great and until then he preached to his audience of one about the amazing things of God. That is where the foundation was laid for this book.

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