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Page 1: God’s Timetable

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I’m sorry, but the paperback book is out of print. The publisher is in liquidation. Anyhow, at about $20 it was fairly expensive.

The eBook of “Page 1: God’s Timetable” has been spilt into three separate books, one for each part. This allows me to offer the parts at a much cheaper price. It also focuses you, the reader, on the three distinct themes. Each part presented massive challenges to be digested so it’s probably better to take it in three hits. Part 3 has many beautiful images of God in it, yet in hindsight, I wonder if it was not just a stepping stone to the COI universe model encompassed by the book “Where time begins”.

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All these eBooks are available at most online eBook retailers, usually in the EPUB format. But they are also available in MOBI and PDF format at Smashwords. One benefit of the PDF format is that the drawings can be magnified as well as the text size. This format is a little more precise for detailed text and is supported by the most devices.

My technical, detailed writing style, often validated by links to scripture and other technical sources, is inviting you to research what I describe for yourself. A small portable eBook reader may not support these external links. Most of the graphics are in colour and I don’t know how well that appear in black & white readers. So, perhaps pick a format that can be read by your eReader as well as a Mac/PC. Don’t forget that you can download the first 20% of the book as a free sample, so find the format that best suits you.

I have noticed that the free PC based EPUB reader Adobe Digital Editions, reduces the size and hence quality of the graphics. If you find this to be the case then please try another reader. Microsoft Edge displays EPUB format file quite well. The MOBI format, for Kindle devices, seems to display the graphics very clearly. Free Kindle for PC, and Kindle for Mac applications are available.

Page 1: God’s Timetable
Parts 1/2/3 (ISBN: 9781370123735)
PDF, MOBI and EPUB versions available at 20% free sample available in all formats as well as HTML.
All my books PDF, MOBI and EPUB versions available at Other retailers may not offer all versions. There is a 20% free sample available in all formats as well as HTML.
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Page 1 God's Timetable
ISBN: 9781742844060
Published June 2014.
Liquidated April 2016.

These books should have been withdrawn when my then publisher, BookPal Australia, went into liquidation in 2016. But it seems that some retailers just made the eBook available for free. So you have had a really great preview. These books are now being reproduced without my permission and should not be downloaded. The new eBook has improved graphics and several small additions but will cost a few dollars to help fund my retirement.


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