This is not a story. This is a revelation hidden in a story. The story has not changed: God’s creation; Adam and Eve; their rejection of God; Cain and Abel; Noah and the flood. However, these revelations will profoundly influence your understanding of those events, and indeed, of all human history. And more importantly, you will see God the Father and God the Son more clearly.

I will be methodical and logical but first let me just say that insights in this book are not that – they are a shock to everything you thought you knew. The book starts by showing how God has concealed a description of all human history, from Adam to the New Heaven and Earth, on the first page of your Bible. It ends by showing you a simple way to view the physical creation that is scientifically and biblically consistent. In between, there are major challenges to existing theology and understandings. When you walk away you will have a new image of God the Father and of Jesus.

OK, returning to my methodical presentation mode - the insights in this book could be derived from these four points:

  1. I heard it said that as there were 6 days in creation, so the Messiah will appear (return) after 6 millennia from Adam. I simply wondered if there might be links in the creation days to these 6 millennia. Wow, was there ever! But not just 6 days – 8 days. And that means it speaks to us powerfully of the millennium that is to come.

  2. Everyone assumes the account of Adam in Genesis 2 is more detail of the day 6 events. But what if Adam in the garden is an event after God rested on day 7, nominally on day 8, exactly as the Bible reads. I was astounded to find that the Bible reads much better under this assumption and there was considerable evidence to support it.

  3. The first two verses of Genesis read like an introduction. Well they are! They are not the declaration of the creation of the heavens and the earth – it is an introduction to the creation of the heavens and the earth. Suddenly we see the roles of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in creation, and quirky little issues evaporate!

  4. The same God that was at work during creation is equally at work today. You just have to see His ways and His time-scales and it seems that He really does see a millennium much as we see a day.

The concepts are simple. What you have to see is the amazing level of support for these concepts. It is a paradigm shift in the way you see things and you will certainly need to examine the evidence before allowing yourself to change, that is, if you want to change.

As I prepared this book, I realised I was stepping into a huge battlefield where the Word of God has been valiantly defended by some; abandoned by others in the Church and attacked relentlessly by the secular world. I want to honour those who have defended the account of Genesis. Broadly speaking, these believers are labelled as Young-Earth Creationists or Biblical Creationists. When most of the Church had ignored this battle, these believers held true.

Every revelation or understanding I offer reinforces God the Father and God the Son. But some of these understandings differ from classic understandings based on the plain reading. In some places the Bible has been defended by asserting that there can be no other understanding except the classic understanding. So what you are about to read is a radical change. Keep your wits about you. Put it to the test.

I generally refer to the New American Standard Bible ®, (NASB), because it seems closest to the original Hebrew. Though I do contrast different translations, most popular translations are sufficient to exemplify the points I make. Only occasionally will you see me refer specifically to the Hebrew text, not because the English translations are wrong, but because the original text seems to hold hidden depths that no translation can fully replicate.

My desire is that the understandings I offer be viewed as a biblically supported extension of the classic view. I don’t insist that you change from the classic view. My hope is that this book will focus the Church on God’s timetable for mankind that started with Adam 6,000 years ago and also speaks powerfully of what is soon to come.

God conceals His purposes in mysteries which are revealed to those He chooses (Proverbs 25:2, Luke 8:9-10, 1 Corinthians 2:7). The question before you is:

“Are the insights presented here pure imagination or genuine revelation?”

If you consider it genuine then you will understand why we need to be focused.

You too will need boldness to grasp these insights. I don’t think that these insights are teachings that will consciously direct your walk with God, but rather something that will embolden you to trust God and let Him lead you in these times.

... That is my prayer for those who read these words.

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