Change History

There have been a range of minor corrections and clarifications added to the text since the book was first released, nominally at version 1.0 in June 2014. This records the more significant changes, especially where arguments I have used need to be corrected or clarified. Further, the COI Universe model evolved quickly after the book release in Appendix C4.


This is not a story. This is a major re-think of what God has been telling us. I want to be up front about places where I have made changes since the initial release. These are roughly in the order they were made and page numbers usually refer to the hard copy pages. Minor typing errors and layout changes are not recorded.

Changes to the book (as published in June 2014)

  1. App A2, p243, point 3 and point 4. I had suggested that Abraham’s vision was “about 15 years” after he departed from Haran, at the age of 75. I have now refined this to just 10 years.
  2. p8 and 104. “Isaiah 9:1” corrected to “Isaiah 9:2”.
  3. p21. Change “Peter 2:22” to “2 Peter 2:22”.
  4. p187. Change “2 Corinthians 4:4 & 4:6” to “2 Corinthians 4:4-6”.
  5. p140, Chapter 17, at the end of the section “Created Male and Female”. I added the following paragraph to rescind a suggestion I had made:
  6. Corrected quotes of Gen 2:1 and 2:2 in Chapter 17.
  7. App A1, Day 7, p238: Added reference to scriptures about the footstool.
  8. Chapter 27, p195: Added reference to 1 Thessalonians 5 in the section “Impact on the evening-morning-day declarations”.
  9. App B1, p256 abd 258: Added minor comments about the mist.
  10. Chapter 4, p35: Added “The state of man before heaven”.
  11. App C4: replaced white holes by PTE bubbles.

Changes and additions to Supplements

  1. Supplement 3. “The COI Universe: Technical Extensions”, was already being created as the book was published. Some significant new insights were added. Notably, the discontinued use of white holes in favour of PTE bubbles. This does not undo what was already suggested but provided a simpler, perhaps more logical, solution to stellar formation.
  2. Supplement 5 was created in Sep 2014 as it unfolded.
  3. Supplement 6 was a summary created in Dec 2014 to provide a simpler overall picture of the technical concepts involved in the COI model.
  4. Supplement 7 was created in Mar 2015 to clarify aspects of scriptural support for the COI model.
  5. Supplement 4 was updated in Mar 2015 as noted.
  6. Supplement 1 was updated with parts #5 and #6 in April 2015.
  7. Supplement 7: Added “Ex Nihilo” section in Nov 2015.
  8. Supplement 3a and The Photoshoot: added in Mar 2016.
  9. Supplement 8: added in Mar 2016.
  10. Supplement 9: added in Apr 2016.
  11. Supplement 4: extended in Apr 2016.  
  12. Redshift calculations and Red abberations added in Aug 2016. 
  13. Supplement 10: added in Aug 2016. 
  14. Redshift calculations and Red abberations removed in 2017.
  15. "Where time begins" published Feb 2018.

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