On day 8. Appendix B2.

Was day-6 man hairy?

A light-hearted look at servant-hood and day-6 man but it seems that God repeatedly uses the latter over the former.

The former and the latter man

Don’t get too serious about the title here or someone will accuse me of prejudice against hairy men, but it seems that God likes to work with “types”. (Jesus is the second man and the last Adam. Israel is a forerunner to the Church.) I started to notice some things in the way God works that might make you more comfortable with the day-6 and day-8 man concept. I don’t want to analyse the meanings of the types in any great detail except to see this dynamic at work. Perhaps then you can see how God would do the same thing through day-6 and day-8 man.

So God often makes the latter higher, and establishes lineages through the latter. God’s heart and purposes are with the latter. He treats and sees them as different.

I associate living in the wilderness as being like day-6 man being outside the Garden of Eden. The following observations relate hairiness, or wearing of hairy, rough garments, with servanthood:

So, not in a demeaning way, hairiness was a sign of servanthood, and it seems natural to see day-6 man, created to be servants of Adam, as hairy.

Of course the goal of this article is not to prove this hairiness theory, but to show you the two classes, or types, of man at work throughout the Bible. So why not at creation? Having completed this article, I found that the ability to picture day-6 man as hairy, made the whole thing more real.

So, did man evolve from apes?

Sorry folks, I’ve just got to say this. No! But some people will have the “monkey to man” evolution pictures in the back of their mind and as soon as I suggest the day-6 predecessor to present-day mankind was hairy, they will try and see this as evolution. Again NO ! Evolution is a lie and denies God as creator. God created both species (types) of man. But at least now, we can be sympathetic to those who looked at bones and may have mistaken day-6 man for an evolutionary predecessor to Adam.

Oh dear, I have called evolution a lie. What should I call it? If you believe something that says at its core, there is no God, then you may believe that too. So rather than spending eternity in paradise, you will spend eternity in torment. You can’t write that off as a little misunderstanding. The trouble is that honest, compassionate, well-meaning people promote the lie. This is not because they are dishonest, but because they are deceived.

By the way, don’t be confused by the jargon. Things are seen to change – that is scientifically observed and even described in the Bible. However, the Theory of Evolution presumes that increasingly sophisticated life evolved out of primitive life – no God required. But that type of change is not observed, just presumed, and is increasingly inconsistent with the data.

Well, what about people who believe in God and Evolution? Are you one of them? If so, I think you are like a man standing on a wobble board – there is no telling what sort of gymnastic manoeuvre you will do next in order to reconcile these opposing beliefs. But as long as you hold true to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died on the Cross to redeem your life, then we can discuss this further when we meet in heaven.

The highest calling on this book is that those who are deceived will look again and see God and see His son – there at the beginning of time, and there again on the Cross – redeeming mankind from the fate we inflicted on ourselves when Adam rejected God.

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