God’s Timetable. Appendix A1.

Pictorial timeline

This is a pictorial summary of God’s timetable for mankind where each millennium since Adam is compared with the days of creation. It’s good to check here as you move through the more detailed explanations. Even by itself, this establishes a compelling comparison between the Genesis 1 account and 6, even 8 millennia of man’s history. This summary reveals the timetable God is working to.

The format of each day

Images of the things created each day are shown along with key players and events for the corresponding millennium. I also highlight the two halves of each millennium, typically from 400 to 600 years long, that might correspond to the two halves of each day defined by day/evening and night/morning. Look for the ticks that suggest what God saw as good. The chapters on “God’s timetable” have many more details about: the symbols; the food allocation; dry land and water; the blessings; the separation/judgement; and the things created and made.

Day 1

Darkness was over the surface of the deep and God said, “Let there be light.”

Day 2

God separated the waters above from the waters below to make the expanse.

Day 3

Let the waters below be gathered together to reveal dry land.
Let the earth bring forth vegetation.

Day 4

God makes the sun, the moon and the stars to rule over day and night.

Day 5

God creates the sea monsters, the fish and the birds.

Day 6

God makes beasts (wild animals), cattle and crawling things. Then God creates man in His image.

Day 7

God rested from all the work of creation.

Day 8

In Genesis 2:4, after He rested, God declares a second account of the creation of the heavens and the earth. God walks with man in the Garden of Eden.

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