I’m not trying to appear holy by acknowledging the Holy Spirit, but to me, one of the greatest promises of scripture is that:

If it was possible to drive the Holy Spirit away while holding true to the testimony of Jesus, then He would have let me go. I was stubborn, frustrated, impatient and demanding, zealous for the wrong things, but He was faithful.

I have been blessed by listening to many national and international teachers, yet as I prepared this, my thoughts continued to return to a small group of precious saints who met at my home to pray weekly or fortnightly for nearly a decade. Some are looking a bit grey and fragile now, but we bared our hearts before each other and before God. There were times that my wife was unwell and deteriorating for several days. It seemed that my prayers were being unanswered and I would phone these friends at 2 am and ask for prayer. Within an hour the situation would turn around. I thank God for bringing such precious saints around us.

I have found a few organisations that I greatly respect. One is Creation Ministries International, (CMI), who specialise in sharing the truth of the Bible in regard to Creation and the book of Genesis. In 2005 I went to a presentation delivered by the founder of CMI. The Holy Spirit used this to ignite a passion for His word in this area. I learned a lot from the CMI team through their “Creation” magazine and their website: Some of my radical proposals do not have their endorsement, but what I share in this book would be significantly less without the things I learnt from CMI.

Finally, I need to thank my wife for her great patience and my brother Hugh, for proofreading this work and making it look a lot more professional.

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