Young-Earth and Long-Ages Reconciled

Do you want the short answer? They are both wrong but God is gracious.

Created: 2009/01/29. Updated 2016/04/14.

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When I started the articles, and especially the Models described in this section, it was about 2005. I had no idea what sort of a debate I was stepping into. Even when I was completing the Game Start articles in 2008, I would have to say that I was still pretty naive about the ferocity of the battle that was being waged. So if you have been in this battle for a long time and I donít exactly represent you opinions as you would like, please cut me some slack. But I hate the divisions, or at least the intolerance between positions which I simply see as options.

Jargon for first-timers

Roughly it seems that we have the following types in this battle...

And then there is me

There are not too many of us as I write this, but you have to start somewhere. The type-cast name is yet to be decided, perhaps Millennia Creationists (MC). I certainly ascribe to a young earth but I think that God started 13,000 years ago and after 6 millennia at work, measured in our time, He rested for a millennium, and then 6,000 years ago He created Adam. (I have supported this timetable biblically but I wonder if I will ever be accepted into the Biblical Creationists.) After Adam, the rest is strict Bible from Genesis 2 onwards. And just for completeness, we have 1,000 years to go before the final wrap-up! A total of 14 millennia from go to wow. 7 millennia before Adam and 7 after. (It almost sounds biblical, doesnít it?)

You have to read all the Game Start articles and Page-1-God to get the full picture. You donít get this timetable from science or from a plain reading of the Bible, but through a revelation of the mystery God has hidden for our times. I am not too fussed about pre-Adam time scales but absolutely passionate that Adam was created by God 6,000 years ago, exactly as described in the Bible.

By the way, you might mistake my tone in this article as claiming superiority over the various factions. By claiming to point out faults in their approaches and assumptions I have implied some superiority. To be precise, I do regard poorly the philosophy of evolutionists and long-ager believers because they devalue Jesus. However, I have the highest of regards for YEC and have and continue to learn much from organisations like CMI.

My pain

I spent significant time over my Christmas holidays (2008) reviewing some of the info at different sites on the internet. Iíve only dabbled in the huge amount of info on offer. The battle between YEC and Big-Bangers/Evolutionists is ferocious and I acknowledge and encourage those who champion the YEC cause. The YEC and Long-Agers also seem to find it necessary to correct each other. (Who am I to complain about this because I want to correct them all.)

After all this I became very despondent. I could see how aggressively the Christian message was attacked by Big-Bangers and Evolutionists through misinformation and false arguments. I wondered if they ever read the carefully crafted rebuttals generated by Creationists. But essentially their faith position is that there is no god and no amount of logic or data will ever move them. They seem increasingly threatened by the self consistent world view presented by Creationists who in turn hold up a mirror that reveals the fragility and inconstancy of the current popular science. Highly intelligent scientists abandon truth, logic and indeed the scientific method, to emotively attack the Creationists.

I was very sad. No logic or evidence seemed to be able to shift the deniers of God. I donít really get into this battle, at least at a serious technical level, in this web-site. I applaud those who do and who comfort believers that their world view is correct and so donít have to be put off by the misrepresentations of Big Bangers and Evolutionists.

But I do have a plain message for the YEC and Long-Agers...


OK time to swallow our pride. We all got it wrong. It wasnít 12 billion years and it wasnít 6 days Ė creation took 6,000 years. Donít argue about the mechanical details but see Godís highest purposes in Genesis 1 revealed in ďGodís TimetableĒ.

Well, I wonder how that went down? Who do I think I am to correct pretty much the whole church? Well, someone has to say it because Iím sick and grieved at the division on this position. I donít actually think, nor require, that YEC or Long-Agers transfer membership to Millennia Creationists, but I hope that the revelations of the Game Start and Game Over articles will focus and unify their understanding of Godís time table that started with Adam, (6000 * 365.25 * 24) hours ago, plus or minus a decade or two.

Again, but with more grace

That last section seemed a bit stern. Basically the truth without much grace. So letís add a positive spin...

Now just think what a great thing God has done for us. No group was going to admit that the other was right, so God has shown us that we were all wrong. But we have always known that. No one has a perfect theology Ė we all need the grace of God.

A review of the day/millennium scaling

I have made an exceptionally strong assertion here that the seven days of creation were seven millennia. This is developed in the best in Chapter 29 of Page-1-God, but it seems that summary is helpful since this article appears early in the Game Start series.

The ďday is like a thousand yearsĒ scriptures were always known to me but like many, I took them as a turn of phrase. I was happy to use it to justify rather arbitrary extended periods of time as used in some models. But then some things started to happen...

Now I can see the same God at work in my life as was at work when the universe was created. Not distant, not angry, and working to get everything ready for the next paradise.

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