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Created: 2008/11/13. Updated: 2010/11/10.

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The radical issue

Most people assume that the creation of Adam is more detail of man created on day 6. In fact this is a long held (classic) understanding in Christian theology. Suddenly I, (though I am sure there are others I don’t know about), offer a different assumption, namely that Adam was created on day 8, after God rested on day 7. This means that there had to be some day-6 man created before Adam the son of God. To differentiate these I also refer to Adam as day-8 man.

When I first wrote and released my articles that flowed out of this and other “revelations” I concentrated on making a detailed scriptural support. I myself was amazed at how I started to see different dynamics at work when viewed through this different assumption. These did not corrupt any earlier understanding but seemed to extend and reinforce my view of God.

Then a leading Young-Earth Creationist author was good enough to give my site a quick review. See the Feedback articles. As I prepared a response to his comments, which really slammed some of my assertions, I could see these questions had to be answered before I could take anyone on the journey I’ve been on. This journey may shatter some passionately held and defended understandings – it’s something new. So, though I cite scripture all over the place to confirm my assertions, some believers, especially those who I would admire as passionately upholding God’s word, will simply refuse to move. Jesus met the same attitude. New things always meet that. Please, I am not suggesting that people who still reject what I offer are Pharisees – no, they are precious saints, and the reason I am writing this article is especially targeted at them, to help them see what I see – if they want to.

Some other people have proposed two-Adam theories. I have never researched them nor heard of them before seeing what I have shared here. I recently heard of just one and it seems pretty sick! Just some excuse to justify racism. So please, if you have seen the lies before, just wait a little and see the truth. You won’t find any racism, nor perversion of the Bible from Adam onwards.

Why change from the classic view of Adam as created on day 6?

First and most importantly, it’s a choice. You can stay with the classic, long held assumption that Adam was created on day 6. You don’t lose your salvation. You won’t be less loved by God. Your reward in Heaven will not be diminished. But you will be stuck with some low level problems, but there are plenty of people to help workaround these problems. Don’t worry, when I say “problems” it doesn’t means God’s word is incorrect. I personally find the Bible astoundingly consistent throughout, but there are a few places where it’s not easily understood. The classic problem is “Jesus is coming back soon” but no understanding anywhere equates soon to 2,000 years, so far, until that is, you look into the Game Over articles or “God’s Timetable” in Page-1-God.

If you do choose to see Adam as created on day 8 then a lot of things start to happen. Little workarounds in the classic assumption are not required. The Genesis 1 account – the creation of all things physical is just that and debates about various scientific issues that arise from it are suddenly unimportant. We can again focus on God’s agenda that started with Adam. In fact, all the rest of the articles explore these issues.

But God’s agenda also has a timetable. Page-1-God was created to explore this. You should be able to see this timetable at work irrespective of whether you see Adam as a day 6 or a day 8 creation.

Currently I cannot think of any revelation of God or understanding that I derived when I grew up with the classic understanding that is undone by now viewing Adam as a day 8 creation. Rather my understanding of God has been extended. So you don’t lose anything, though I do challenge a few wrong understandings of God that I have encountered in some people’s theology.

The assumption of Adam as day-8 man is new or seems new. It is not as obvious as the classic view. OK, you have to look for it. Well, you have to seek God. I refrained from calling the classic view as “the old view” because it has demeaning overtones and the next thing someone would say is, “well you stick to the old wineskins”. That would be a misuse of scripture. That would be a wrong! You can choose to stay with the classic view of Adam on day 6 for a variety of good reasons, but not because you simply refuse to move.

Actually, you can come to a point where you don’t care and you can accept whatever revelation you get of God and man through either view because you have grasped that it is from God. I can’t explain that, only the Holy Spirit can take you to that place.

Why would God create two classes of man?

Ok, so you are toying with the idea that Adam was created on day 8 and so what are these men created on day 6. Well, this is detailed in my other articles with scriptural precedence. But very briefly, they were created by God as servants for the sons-of-God, that is, Adam and his descendants. Just as God has His servants (angels), in heaven so too He created servants for Adam. Just as the angels in heaven look like Jesus, then the day-6 men looked like Adam. Just as Jesus is more majestic than all the angelic hosts, so too was Adam was above the day-6 man. These day-6 men were also there to domesticate a wild land for when Adam’s descendants ventured out of the Garden of Eden.

OK, that seems reasonable, but why did He refer to both as “man” and thereby hide this from us. That is the hardest question! It’s easy to see why he called them both man because God creates animals in various “kinds” and both the man created as servants and Adam were of the same “man-kind”. But when we ask the question, “Why did He refer to both as ’man’?”, often in the back of our mind we are really thinking, “Why did He hide this from us?”. That I deal with in the next section.

This topic is also dealt with in the “But what about” article, in the section dealing with Genesis 6:1-3 . This scripture is a particularly significant. This is the first place that we see Adam’s descendants referred to as the “sons of God” even though later in the Bible it is common to see Adam and his descendants referred to as the son of God (Luke 3:38, Deuteronomy 32:8) or even as gods (John 10:34-35, Psalm 82:6). Why didn’t God use this wording earlier so we could distinguish the day-6 man from the day-8 man – the sons of God? Well, it wouldn’t have helped because we would simply have made the connection between man on day 6 and son-of-God used to describe Adam. The only way God could have distinguished the two would have been to call the day-6 men something other than “man”, which was incorrect since they were both of the man-kind. And frankly, it was Adam who named all the animals, and that included the day-6 man. If you don’t have a spirit then you are just an animal. There are no lineages given to animals and so no lineage is recorded for day-6 man.

Immediately after the reference to “sons of God” in Genesis 6:2, God again refers to them as mere man in Genesis 6:3. Well, the same thing happens in Psalm 82:6-7 and the same duality was manifest in Jesus who was a man though he was the son of God. (The son of a horse is a horse; the son of a man is a man, and the son of God is God.) When we believe in Jesus, though we are but men, we are restored to being sons or children of God.

So, as far as I can tell, this duality of “man” and “son of God” has been at work throughout the Bible. Even Jesus was challenged on it. (Psalm 82:6, Luke 20:36, John 10:34). Yet there is, and will be, a clear distinction between those who by the spirit seek God and those who do not. Yet both are “man”. Similarly there is a clear distinction between day-6 man and day-8 man. One is a distinction about is accepting or rejecting God, which is a spiritual/heart decision. But I suggest the difference between day-6 man and day-8 man was that only day-8 man was given a spirit. These concepts are extended in other articles but for now I am comfortable that God simply uses the same “man” word in different situations and so did not need to distinguish the two in Genesis.

Now if you are still struggling with “why two classes”, then just observe that it is what God always seems to do...

In fact the ultimate example is Jesus who came first as the suffering servant and will return as the glorious king, the Son of God who reigns forever. Can you see how day-6 man came first as the servants to Adam, the son of God who was to live forever, had it not been for his sin? So even if you struggle with “why”, you have to admit that it just seems to be God’s way.

Why hasn’t this been revealed long ago?

This could also be put as:

The last first... For most purposes, it has not been necessary to extend the classic view. The classic view has been simple and all essentials of Original Sin, God as Creator, Adam’s lineage were in place. It’s not wrong!

Other responses:

Lots of “perhaps” words in that list. I don’t know why, except that it He opened my eyes to see it. Most likely it’s all of the above.

Day-8 man is only a minor revelation

Having written many things in Game Start, Nov 2008, and been excited at every step in the journey, I’ve got to tell you that, by itself, the concept of Adam as day-8 man is only a minor revelation. It adds nothing to fundamental Christian theology, and it alters no fundamental understanding that we need to know God or our need for Jesus. I’ve said that already.

But here is its significance... With this revelation you dismiss the time scales of Genesis 1.

Not undermining but revealing the fullness of the creation account

You might think that I have suggested that Genesis 1 is no longer important. Not so, but now its full purpose is revealed in “God’s Timetable”, a prophetic agenda re-focusing the Church on Jesus’ imminent return. This timetable stands irrespective of whether you accept day-8 man or not, but when you look at that model you see how Adam, created on day 8, not day 6, also fits in the prophetic agenda. If God released this agenda in ages past it would have discouraged believers in regard to ever expecting Jesus to return. That is why “the day and the hour” has been kept hidden. But now that it is close, it can be revealed. And that is the answer to, “Why now?”


The jig-saw puzzle fits together pretty well using the classic view, but using the Day-8 view of Adam some pieces can be fit together a bit better and a few aspects of the picture get clearer. Perhaps you can relax a little now and go on this journey with me. If at any time you think I pervert the image of God or the necessity for Jesus or any other fundamental of the Christian faith then please email me and if I don’t immediately calm your worries or correct my site, then see my Foreword and get a rebuke article on the internet where the keyword “rebuke_geckof” will find it, so all the world will be warned. And to everyone else, search out these rebukes and test them against the entire Word of God to see if they glorify God and point to Jesus. Perhaps you can look at the Feedback section to see if your concern is not already covered.

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