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If you are familiar with the Big Band theory then you will see the comparison between the development that it predicts and the images of Genesis 1. But wait – checkout “Take #2” to see the latest science without the “bang”. And then checkout “Take #3” for another twist.

Created: 2008/09/24. Updated: /02/07.

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Take #1 – Big Bang style

Day 1, Genesis 1:1-5 paints a picture of absolute nothingness. Imagine floating far out at sea, at night when clouds obscure even the light from the moon and the stars. It is so black you cannot see your hand in front of your face. This represents the void that existed before the universe was created. Then bang, there was a great explosion of light or radiation.

Day 2, Genesis 1:6-8 describes the separation of the waters above and below. Now it was understood that there were waters above because that is where the rain came from. It was understood that there were waters below because there was the sea and water in wells. What this is describing is the creation of the gap between these which is the layer of air or atmosphere the surrounds this planet. In other words it is referring to creation of gases. In this model the explosion of sub-atomic particles slows and they “condense”, primarily into hydrogen.

Day 3, Genesis 1:9-10 describes dry ground. This is symbolic of the heavy elements that are created as hydrogen clouds collapse into suns where the nuclear furnaces produce the heavy elements that will later form planets (dry ground).

Day 4, Genesis 1:14-19 describes the current sun moon and stars being formed. The first generation suns are thought to have exploded as super-novae and spread their heavy elements into other collapsing hydrogen clouds. So the current stars are this second or even third generation of stars.

Day 5, Genesis 1:20-23 describes the creation of life in the sea and then flying creatures. This is pretty much the way popular science understands life as starting in the sea. The World Model deals with this in more detail.

Day 6, Genesis 1:24-31 describes the creation of life on the land with man, as we know him today, last of all. Again this is just the popular science opinion on the sequence of things.

What about vegetation

I was having such fun showing how the current sun moon and stars are the result of being second generation stars and so naturally appear on day 4, which is a big problem in some other models, that I omitted vegetation. Vegetation appears on day 3, Genesis 1:11-13, just after dry ground is described. But I have just described day 3 as the heavy elements being created inside first generation suns. For just a minute I’ll think like a scientist. I’ve got a good model here. Let’s not abandon it because of some small discrepancy. Instead I’ll do some hand waving and see if I can fudge it.

If you have a look at the World Model, you will see that it is very logical to insert the creation of vegetation right after dry land appears on a planet covered with water. In fact days 5 and 6 are dealing with just this planet and not the whole universe. So as God is transitioning from describing the creation of the universe to creation of life on planet earth, there is some overlap in the two models with elements of the creation of life on this planet appearing on earlier days.

Oh dear, I have offended everyone. If you are looking for a definitive sequence that proves God got it right and so proves God exists then you are sad. If you are a passionate Literal Model believer you say God did get it right and this proves this model is trash. Others will say this is just re-interpreting the Bible to fit science. Well, this is what I say – I like to let God tell it the way he wants to and then I exercise the wisdom and discernment the He gives me to understand it. Frankly, this is the way the Bible works. So here are your alternatives:

By the way, part of the Game Start set of articles is a correction of the misunderstanding that Adam and Eve in Genesis 2 is a more detailed account of Day 6. But this traditional assumption actually involves an apparent jump back to day 6 after God rested on day 7. This shows that most people really accept the idea that God is flexible in the sequence of things. The books of the Bible are not in a time sequence. The images described in Revelation read as a sequence but seem to be overlapping repetitions of the same theme. The Gospel of John has Jesus entering Jerusalem and clearing the temple at the start of his ministry while the other Gospels have it on his last trip to Jerusalem, just before his crucifixion. When you have sorted out all these issues then you can complain about the license I have taken here.

Take #2 – Galacto-centric view

The key here is to recognise that the speed of light defines both space and time. Once you have light you put something opaque/solid in front of it and you get a shadow – darkness. So the day 1 events that see the creation of light and separation of light and dark are now pictured as the creation of space-time and matter.

I made this observation in Oct 2009, years after writing down the rest of this article based on the big-bang style universe model. Then I followed through to imagine what days 2 to 6 would be and I suddenly realised that this was something like a New Physics that is being proposed where the Universe expands outward from a centre with our galaxy close to the centre. There is good experimental data to confirm this. Now let’s see the days through this view...

  1. Light and dark become the creation of space-time and matter. I’ll assume all the matter is created clumped around the centre in the same way that water surrounded the planet at the start of day 1.

  2. The separation of the waters above and below are now pictured as matter being spread out, (stretched out), or expanding. Perhaps the waters below are the matter in this galaxy, at the centre of the universe. The image of water being spread outward or upward into clouds beautifully pictures how matter is being spread out into clouds that will later become galaxies.

  3. The waters are gathered together to reveal dry land. This is God gathering together, condensing, or concentrating the clouds of matter into stars and planets. The description of waters being gathered together pictures great gaseous planets and early stage stars condensing out of the clouds of matter still spreading out from day 2. The dry land pictures solid planets. This sees the formation of the earth and then God kicks off life on this planet in the form of vegetation, (photosynthesis based life). I’m not fussed about what light sources are present to feed this vegetation. Perhaps background radiation from a very big but still relatively near-by universe. Perhaps the sun in its early stages acts like a black body radiator warming things but is not yet the beacon that rules the day. Or perhaps it’s the light from God’s face.

  4. This day sees the sun the moon and the stars appear. The universe has spread out enough by now and so God ignites all the stars in the heavens. Wow – that would have been something to see! I’m not too fussed about details. If you need technical words, then perhaps the stars have now collapsed enough for the thermonuclear reactor to fully cut in. (Be careful, this is starting to suggest it was a natural progression and that is where we start to remove God.) Could some distant stars have ignited earlier because time was running faster further out and their light reaches the earth about this time? No big deal. Did God create the moon on this day or transport a moon, a special companion planet for the earth, to its present orbit? Not fussed. The sun, the moon, and the stars appeared, (or took up their present role), to an observer on this planet on this day.

  5. God’s attention returns to the earth which by now has stabilised considerably and the vegetation has contributed to a suitable environment and He then creates life in the sea and then birds.

  6. Now the land animals and finally (day-6) man.

There are no problems in this view. Throw in whatever time scale you have faith for because you will see later in Game Start that it does not matter. This is a valid expansion of the Genesis 1 description. Or put the other way, it means that Genesis 1 is a truthful simplification. It allows us to see the earth itself as part of God’s creation process, rather than the starting point, yet the earth remains a unique and special place at the centre of God’s heart (and the universe).

This New Physics is not just for creationist scientists. However creationists like it because it can be used to explain the problem of distant star light from day 4 being visible in a young earth. I have gone a bit further and seen that this New Physics is applicable from day 1. For more info on this New Physics enter “New Physics” into the search engine at www.Creation.com.

Take #3 – All bets are off

This take has been incorporated into the chapters on “God’s Way” in Page-1-God. The briefest possible summary here is that “the earth, formless and void”, in Genesis 1:2 is God’s chosen starting point, not the first step. This reveals that the whole of the universe existed in some undescribed formless manner prior to this. It forces a re-think of all models, but this time with the freedom to theorise about stages that preceded God’s chosen starting point.

Problems for the Big Bang view

Some people will say this Model is based exclusively on the Big Bang theory. There is a ground swell of scientific problems with this theory. But though it has its problems, not much is likely to happen until something better is proposed. Why don’t you have a look at the section “Will science change its Mind?” in Science Topics. But whatever science comes up with it can only surmise what the mechanical details might be. Science will never see the Creator – that needs Faith. But it seems likely that any alternate theory will have the same essential elements that Genesis depicts. How can I say that? Well, the way I see it, science is converging and coming into submission with God’s word even though scientists don’t see it. So this Model is likely to remain relevant. But even if science changes, my faith is not based on the apparent good fit between the Fixed and Eternal Word of God and ever changing (evolving) scientific opinion.

The other issue that gets misunderstood is that Big Bang has huge time scales involved. Huge time scales are unfortunately linked in many people’s minds with Evolution, which effectively says there was no Creator and that it all happened by accident. Evolution is a lie! But if you read on, you will see the creation time scales become irrelevant in God’s divine plan that was revealed in Adam and Eve.

If we are going to talk Big Bang then let’s discuss some of the images that it introduces...

Because I believe, I see God in it, especially in its flaws. Science tries to take the supernatural out of creation. But Big Bang has to introduce all these non-natural concepts that occur once off during the birth of the universe. There is a word for non-natural, unprovable or reproducible occurrences – it is “supernatural”. If God supernaturally interacts with His creation, guiding it though the various processes, then we must expect that natural science cannot account for it and it is not at all surprising that scientists revert to weird concepts to make it work. Viewed like this, Big Bang actually proves a supernatural God was interacting with the creation of the universe.

God’s Acceleration Factor

Latest scientific estimates suggest the Universe is about 12 to 15 billion years old. Literal model advocates say it’s about 6,000 years plus 7 days. How can we reconcile these extremes. This really surprised me when I first saw it, but first some background.

I know that God heals people. I’ve read about it in the Bible. I see frequent accounts of it happening in many parts of the world today, but more importantly I’ve personally experienced it more than once, and seen people I’ve prayed for healed. The power of God comes and heals someone in a few seconds. If you were to ask a doctor or scientist how long the natural recuperative powers of the body would take to do it, even under ideal conditions, as in the womb, then the answer is typically in the order of months, assuming it was possible at all. So in a few seconds God achieves what natural processes would take a few months to achieve. Now there is about 2.6 million seconds in a month, but for round numbers let’s take 2 million. So God’s supernatural healing occurs about 2 million times faster than natural healing.

The Bible declares that God made the earth and the heavens in 6 days. But God is the only observer so these are God days which the Bible declares is “like a 1000 years” for man. So for 6000 years, as we would measure it, God’s supernatural power was at work creating the heavens and the earth. Well, how long would a scientist think that natural processes would take? Applying God’s Acceleration Factor of 2 million to the 6 thousand years gives 12 billion years! Oh dear – exactly what scientists think!

Wow, was I excited when I did this with mental arithmetic. I went and checked it with a calculator and then I went and checked the 12 billion to make sure I had not mistakenly remembered that. So yes, the Universe Model can be valid AND with God’s Acceleration Factor, biblical time scales are also correct.

So it seems that scientists have correctly estimated the Universe’s age assuming that the current natural factors had been at work throughout its existence. But they were not – supernatural factors were at work. I am not saying that this proves the mechanics of their model are correct. So what am I saying? The above paragraph really captures it. Scientific observations are completely compatible with the Bible when you put God in the Equation.

Some people who cannot accept the existence of God will have their conscience pricked for a few minutes by how simply 12 billion years links with the Bible’s 6 days, but then they will find some way to dismiss it. Some passionate Literal Model believers will just laugh it off, and that’s OK with me – they already believe. But for others, I see this as a simple encouragement. The unimaginably long time scales suggested by present day observations are easily explained by God’s Acceleration Factor – an unimaginably powerful God.

Obviously the exact number of 2 million is rubbery. But as God is my witness, I just decide to try the seconds in a month factor because I saw healing power at work at that sort of rate. You’ll probably find situations where the value of 2 million does not work. Even to put a number on it might be disputed by some believers as implying God’s power is finite. God’s power is not finite – “nothing is too hard for God”!

Danger, Danger, Danger – the Set and Forget God

There is a real danger in this model because it is so close to what popular science has encapsulated in the Big Bang theory. Let me paraphrase it like this...

At a very broad overview this is nearly correct. You might even be able to achieve a level of salvation with this sort of thinking. This sort of thinking will also allow you to be accepted scientifically. After all, scientists think that the Universe burst into existence and then a whole series of natural events led to its present state including the evolution of life. As a believer, you simply assert that God caused it in the first place and that God now interacts with man via a spirit.

But this is NOT what the Bible says and frankly, it’s not even what science says. The Bible describes God as interacting with His creation at every step. He did not create it in a “Set and Forget” fashion especially in regard to the earth. As for science just watch:

Look, I’m not against science but some fields of science are projecting an illusion. It’s not just that the present models need further refining to explain these “little” details. In some cases there is good science that says it cannot have occurred like this at all. So the truth is that science has big gaps. Those who believe in God see those gaps as even more evidence of God, not that God cares much about proving He exists. Those who don’t believe in God, whom God describes as fools (Psalm 14:1), assert that no matter how much the evidence points to God, they will search for some natural understanding.

This life has trials, tests and persecutions. If you see a “set and forget” God rather than a hands on interactive God, your faith won’t pass the test, and that’s the danger.

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