The Models

Here are seven interpretations that we see at work in Genesis 1. If it’s your first time here, then perhaps just read the prophetic model that I have called “God’s Timetable” in Page-1-God. You don’t have to agree with all the models but at the end of the day you have to say, “Wow! Who else but God could pack so many levels of revelation:– symbolic; literal; technical and prophetic, into one brief description.” Either before or after you read these models, know that there is a sequence a maturing that is involved. Some will misunderstand, so please read “Creation – What I believe”.

Created: 2008/09/24. Updated: 2010/08/16.

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Symbolic Model

This is OK if you know Adam is real. But it is just a very simple view.

Literal Model

Just read it as it was written—no Ph.D. required.

World Model

Creation of just this planet. This is really the pure imagination of the scientist harnessed to view God’s creation.

Universe Model

Creation of the whole universe. Not just Big Bang, but also Galacto-centric versions. Discover what a GAF is and realise we probably have no idea in reality.

Summary Model

This was an exciting surprise when I first saw it. There is a storey to be told or is this just a stepping stone to the Millennia Model.

God’s Timetable 

God knew the End from the Beginning. This is more than a model—more like the fullness of God’s purposes.

False Model

If you cannot accept God then this is for you. There is the best lie of all time, but remember, I told you it was a lie first.

Which model is correct?

Most models have problems. So which one do I choose? But it is just a very simple view.

Young-Earth and Long-Ages Reconciled

Bitter enemies but both acknowledge Jesus. How do you get them together?

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