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Created: 2008/11/14.

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When I created the term “Literal Model Believer” I was referring to those believers who choose the Literal Model as their view of Genesis 1. In this view or model the days are exactly (literally) as written, a 24 hour day. Such a view is also considered by others, and by myself, as the correct exegesis.

I did not mean to insinuate that such believers incorrectly or simplistically take everything in the Bible as literal; rather that they use a correct exegesis, that is, understanding the Hebrew and Greek language constructs and the consistent interpretation as used in other places in scripture. Frankly, that’s what we do in every day conversation and in all languages of the world. But sometimes it’s not so obvious when we read translations of Greek and Hebrew texts.

I acknowledge that the Bible is often criticised by ignorant people who take some literal interpretation of a phrase and try and use it to show the Bible is wrong. For example the Bible is wrong because it describes a “sun-rise” when in fact we know that the sun does not rise but the earth rotates. Or the Bible is wrong because God said “the day you eat is the day you die”, but Adam lived on for 930 years.

However articles in this web site do look at phrases like, “the day you eat is the day you die”, and, “a day is like a 1,000 years”, to show that a literal reading is applicable in some places and reveals aspects of God’s perspective on things. This remains an ongoing source of tension between myself and some precious saints who have defended the correct exegesis or understanding against attacks on the Bible’s accuracy and reliability. Where I do this, it is to extend our revelation of God and to reinforce the Bible, not to pervert or undermine it.

I have reviewed my articles, replacing the word “literal” in regard to an understanding or reading of the scripture by “plain” or “strict”, unless I really mean “literal”.

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