Game Start – Acknowledgements

In 1984 God tricked me into reading the Bible. After reading the New Testament in a couple of translations I borrowed mum’s “big” Bible and started reading the Old Testament. When I hit Genesis 2, I briefly wondered and then assumed it must be more detail of day 6. It all seemed a bit symbolic, but I was enjoying it and just kept on reading. Later, there were several key turning points in how I saw Genesis. I would like to acknowledge the men God used to facilitate this.

Created: 2009/06/12.

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Maybe 5 years later I saw a video of Benny Hinn preaching. He bent down on the stage, while saying how he could just imagine God scooping up a handful of clay to fashion Adam. I don’t recall anything else, but I instantly knew that Adam was real.

In about 2005 I heard Dr Carl Wieland, who founded Creation Ministries International, talking about Genesis and how it was attacked. Something just ignited my zeal for Genesis, though my understanding was limited.

Sometime around 2004 I was fortunate enough hear Michael Petro speaking. ( He seemed to unlock a desire for the deeper things in God’s word. He talked about “after 6 days” and “on the third day” and how it pointed to the 6 millennia since Adam and the 3rd millennium since Jesus – the times we are in. This undoubtedly fueled my On Day 3 article and was probably a prompt for “God’s Timetable” in Page-1-God. Michael also talked about a symbolic understanding of the “no rain” in Genesis 2:5. This became a key that helped unlock the Day-8 View of man. But it took me some time to come to grips with just how much the Holy Spirit wanted to show me.

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