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Itís so easy to loss an internet surfer before he discovers the gems amongst all the words, so I thought I would give you a taste of whatís to come.

Created: 2008/09/24. Updated: 2010/04/02.

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The major points...

Have I got your attention? There are a lot of other cool issues explored. There are challenges to Christian theology and popular Science. But I just wanted to grab your attention as quickly as possible because there are also a lot of words.


Iím about to show you something new. Questions will flood into your mind. How did we miss this? How can one assumption change so much and yet not change the story? If you can resist the reaction to dismiss it just because it is different, there is a prize. The prize is a better revelation of God the Father of Jesus Christ.

Seriously, you need to pray a prayer something like this...

    God, if this is You, I want to see it. If not let these words fall to the ground.

My prayer for you is...

    Dad, open their eyes to see You and to see your Son, Jesus. Open their ears to hear more than what my words can convey. Let them see your passion and your purposes here in the early Genesis chapters.

Everything is meaningless, academic debate unless it enables you to better see God and His Son.

Why read this?

The Summary

I present several different ways or models to view the creation account in Genesis 1. These use symbolic; literal; technical and prophetic, images extracted from the very brief description in Genesis 1. I was amazed myself when I saw the last 6 millennia mapped out in days 1 to 6 which gave rise to the chapters on ďGodís TimetableĒ in Page-1-God. But the surprises kept on coming. Look out for ďGodís Acceleration FactorĒ in the Universe Model, which reconciles the age of the universe that science proposes with Genesis 1. But after extensive investigation of multiple Models, the classic Literal Model and the prophetic model I have called ďGodís TimetableĒ, are seen as most important.

However there is another key, even radical issue introduced. Everyone who reads Genesis tends to assume that the account of the creation of Adam in Genesis 2 is a more detailed account of man created on day 6 in the first creation account, given in Genesis 1. But, if you can see the creation of Adam exactly as it is written, as an event after God created all things material in Genesis 1, then amazing things happen...

In addition, various scientific understandings are reconciled with revelations in the Bible. So science (as different from some scientists,) is not opposed to the Bible, but rather it all comes down to what, or who, you are seeking.

There is much, much more, but there are also lots of words. Some challenges to traditional Christian theology needs careful biblical justification. Some Christians as well as atheists will oppose the ideas, so in places Iím a little defensive.

The ďrevelationsĒ I present here, if you will allow me to use that word for now, unfolded over a several years starting in about 2005. In places you might think Iím opposed to believers who passionately proclaim and defend the literal interpretation of Genesis 1. It is true that I challenge some of the theology that has grown out of this, but apart from the Literal Model believers, I have found no other Christian view that faithfully preserves the clear and exact history from Adam onwards. So in reality, itís the rest of Christendom, that has abandoned the literal model and hence the literal history from Adam onwards, that most needs to hear what I am saying so that they can again see the actual start of Godís plan in Adam. Once you see the start then you can focus on the soon to occur, next major step.

Itís my hope that readers who do not yet believe in Jesus will find explanations here that will transition them to a biblical world view. Also that believers who read this will be encouraged and strengthened to see that God did get it right and both Science, and the Church, is slowly catching up.

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