Raised from the dead

Two testimonies of being raised from the dead but with the same message.

Created: 2008/09/24. Updated: 2010/01/9.

Game Over, Home

During 2004 I heard two amazing testimonies of people raised from the dead. One was internationally advertised because of so much confirmation that he had died. The other was less well announced. I have heard several other testimonies of people raised from the dead, but these two caught my attention in one special way. Both people described awesome but slightly different images they saw, both of heaven and hell, but in both, Jesus specifically commanded them, just before they returned, to,

Tell my people I am coming back soon”.

When you hear such dramatic, confirmed declarations, then you must understand the Holy Spirit is not merely talking to us, He is shouting at us lest we miss it; lest we are not ready. It’s the message from Revelation 22 7, 12, and 20, “I am coming soon!”. If you are hearing this and wondering what you must do, I cannot tell you, but I can tell you that He will – that you can hear His voice.

23 minutes in Hell

Jan 2010. I came across this site while reviewing some things. It’s been around for several years so it’s not breaking news. Bill Wiese experienced being in Hell for about 20 minutes. I believe this is a credible account and is powerful in its own right, reminding us of what our Saviour has saved us from. It also reminds us that many things we take as allegory or symbolic is actually more real than we can imagine. But the reason I have included it here is that after Jesus took Bill out of Hell, Jesus twice told Bill to,

Tell them I am coming very, very soon!

Multiple free video downloads of his testimony are available at...

and some briefer videos at Bill’s site but these don’t include the “very very soon!” declaration...

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