Vision given to Sister Olive Reekie during a meeting on 10th October 1995 and partially described by her during the meeting on 14th November 1995

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10th October 1995

The theme of the meeting was “Appling the Blood of Jesus” and the following comments glorifying the Lord Jesus were made immediately prior to the vision.

The Blood of Jesus is the Song of Heaven.

In Chapter 5 of Revelation there is a song going on in heaven right now and it says (emphasis added):

And they sang a new song (and that means a fresh song – listen to the emphasis in it) saying, “Worthy are You to take the book and to break its seals; for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation.”

In verse 12 the chorus of heaven is taking up these words:

“Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing.”

That is the song of heaven.

In Chapter 19:6-7 the song goes further. John says:

Then I heard something like the voice of a great multitude and like the sound of many waters and like the sound of mighty peals of thunder, saying, “Hallelujah! For the Lord our God, the Almighty, reigns. Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb (the one who was slain) has come and His bride (the church) has made herself ready.”

It’s a song of the Lamb, it’s a song of the blood of the Lamb, and the song of the blood of the Lamb is ringing out and as we begin to lay greater emphasis on the blood of Jesus we are going to absolutely harmonise with the song of heaven, and the angels will join in and the Holy Spirit will take up the refrain and He will begin to work in our midst. I declare to you by the prophetical word of the Lord that there will be miracles take place, there will be healings, there will be unusual happenings, unusual happenings – things that you and I have never seen before in our generation because we are living in the time when the Holy Spirit is about to release some of the secrets and mysteries that have been held in reserve until this last days. We are living in the days, we are living in the days, we are living in the days when the floodgates of heaven are about to be opened in an unprecedented way, and as the Blood of the Lamb is magnified, the workings of the Holy Spirit will come into being, and that which was done and seen and heard on the day of Pentecost will be just the former and the latter rain of the Holy Ghost which bring forth miracles, miracles, miracles like heaven’s atmosphere being released. People being healed, set free, running, running, running. Great multitudes – running, running, running. Great miracles. Jesus releasing – like never before. You’ve seen nothing, you’ve seen nothing.

At this point of the prophecy, I had a tremendous revelation of heaven’s atmosphere touching earth and of the magnitude of miracles which are about to take place as that atmosphere is manifested. This was so far beyond what we now know and experience, and I was so overcome by the awesome presence of God that I totally lost the ability to articulate. At the end of the meeting, I endeavoured to communicate some of what I saw. The following is the small portion of that was recorded.

Heaven’s dimension is coming down into our midst in such volume. I saw the men’s feet (particularly the men’s feet) burning (like Jesus in the vision in Revelation) as they took the fire out. It’s going to happen, but it’s going to happen very suddenly. It’s immediate, it’s next, it’s going to be a very quick acceleration and change in the pace and the extent of what heaven is going to release in the church.

During the meeting held on 14th November, 1995, I shared a portion of what I had seen and felt during the October meeting. The following is a combination of a transcript from that audio tape of the November meeting and from notes I had made of the vision.

I saw Australia and somehow I was looking down on it. In the brilliant golden light of the heavenly realm, the hand of God was spanned and poised over the nation of Australia, and it covered whole of the states and territories. His hand was open and yet it was full, poised in precise readiness to release what He was about to pour out on Australia – the weight, the Kabod of His presence over the entire nation.

It is not a long way off, it’s ready right now. In some places I saw it coming like wind, and in some places it was like torrential rain, not in destructive floods, but in life giving rain. In some places it was released like fire, like a literal ball of fire; not like fire we know, but like balls of fire going right throughout the nation. In other places it was the illustrious, brilliant, glorious glory of God. We’ve never seen anything like it. We think we’ve seen the glory; we’ve seen only drops of it.

Although it is hard to put this into understandable language, I want you to know it so you can be ready for it. We have seen only drops of what is coming.

In His hand He is holding right now resources ready to be released into the true and the upright church and into the lives of true and upright believers. He is not going to give His resources to a church that’s not going to do His purposes. He’s not going to give His resources to believers who are not going to dedicate themselves to fulfill His purposes. He is going to put these things into the hands of churches and believers who will go quickly.

People are going to be running to do what He wants. There will be a running to and fro to do His purposes. They are ready and they are willing and they will be quick to obey the Lord and will go quickly to do the work of bringing in the harvest.

What God is about to release is not only for the church to enjoy, it is for the church to go out and do. He is going to equip His church in a supernatural way, like we’ve never known in our generation. The generations before have seen some magnificent moving of God and we can very well learn from them, but they have never seen anything that is paralleled with what’s coming, and Australia’s right in it. We can’t take it lightly.

There will be unparalleled resources to get God’s job done. There will be miracles – and this is where I lost it last month – there will be miracles of astounding proportion and astounding quality, and of yet unknown and unseen quality that will take place simultaneously all over this nation. What has been witnessed in earlier revivals will be surpassed by the magnificent double portion, double outpouring, double anointing of what is coming.

People will not be rushing here and there to see miracles because they will be happening all around them. They won’t be chasing a man, it will be the message. There are people who will still chase the man, the man, the man, and they will get nothing. It is going to be the message of Jesus Christ, that is going to bring miracles everywhere. They will be happening in the most unlikely places. I saw places in that vision that I don’t know where they are, but they’re in this nation.

Note this: In the next two years (not five) there will be significant changes in our nation – unusual changes in the structure of government, the business economy and particularly the structure of the church in this nation.

The wind, the rain and the glory will quickly bring to fruition the seeds of revival that are now in this land. Revival is already in the land, and the Holy Spirit is going to come upon it with His wind, rain and glory that sees which are already over Australia will come to fruition.

Not all churches and not all Christian will accept or embrace this great move of God. Don’t take for granted that everybody is going to be in it. Some will be spectators and for various reasons will totally miss out on what God is doing in the land of Australia. Because they didn’t embrace it or move with it, it will quickly go by them. They won’t know that when it has gone by them, they will be naked and devastated in His presence.

Some will even mock and scoff and without warning they will be blown as chaff before the wind, way from the glory of God and into oblivion. Don’t ask me what oblivion is as I do not know, I only know they were blown away because they mocked and scoffed at what God was doing.

It will be an exciting time, but it will also be a separating time and a time when decisions will determine eternal destinies. The next two years is a time when eternal destinies will be decided in the lives of people and society as people accept or reject what God is doing.

There will be ENORMOUS resources released by the hand of the Lord for the purposes of evangelism. Australia is known as the nation “down under.” We’ve been to many nations in the world, and they always say, “You’ve come from ‘down under.’” The nation’s been looked down on, but it is going to be brought up by the hand of the Lord to be a sign and a wonder in the eyes of the world; not because of its achievements, but because of God’s great glory. This will suddenly happen, spontaneously, quickly and will usher in the final stages heading up to the climax of the age.

I saw many Christians who are lukewarm in their love for the Lord; because they love this present world and it materialism they will be swept away.

I saw many other Christians with their eyes turned toward Jesus embracing this move at all costs (and believe me it will be costly) embracing what God is doing and being enlarged in their spiritual lives and their spiritual understanding and becoming like spiritual giants, being used for God’s kingdom and God’s purposes. People who thought they were nobodies will become suddenly spiritual giants in this land for the Kingdom of God.

People’s thoughts get locked into healings, deliverance, provision and being set free, but God wants to do enlarge us because He wants to do great manifestations of His majestic, miraculous, mighty, awesome power, that the miracles we know now will seem like drops in the bucket to what He is going to do, (God enlarge our capacity to understand.)

I saw the glorious radiance of God’s presence flowing out of Christians which caused unbelievers to just fall down prostrate and repent before the Lord without even a word being said.

There will be much angelic activity and intervention.

God is going to translate his people from this place to that place to get the message of the Gospel out quickly. He will also preach the wonderful works of God in languages they do not know, but they will be understood by the people, You will go up to a person and they will be of a different language, but you won’t even have to think, “Do I know, or don’t I know this language?” for out of your sprit will come the words, bringing the magnificence of the gospel, and those people will repent and be filled with the Spirit and turn to God and great will be the majesty of our God.

In the midst of it all there won’t be “us” seen, it will be “Jesus only” seen. Converts won’t even know our names, and half the time they won’t even know who has led them to the Lord, but they will know who they have been led to, because they have been led to Jesus. Jesus will be centre stage and a verse which comes to my mind is: “When Christ who is our life shall appear, then shall you also appear with Him in glory.” Col 3:4. The theologians have relegated that to the Second Coming of the Lord, but there is nothing about the second coming in that chapter. God is going to appear in His glory to His church. Jesus Christ is going to appear to His church and we will appear with Him in glory also. It will be a sign and a wonder to this earth, because God is indeed doing a great thing.

If you will let Him, He will take you from the level you are at now to the next level. He will take you up another level and you will begin to see things happen in your life that you have never seen before. Will you be a candidate for that? Do you want to be part of that Church?

Jesus will be centre-stage.
Jesus will be lifted up.
Jesus will be glorified in this nation of Australia and great will be the gathering unto Him.


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