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I was handed several prophecies which God confirmed to me before I read them. I think they are a sign of the times we are entering. You will be encouraged by these. But then, when God showed me something that everyone wants to know, you wonít believe it.

Created: 2008/09/24.

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Why Confirmed?

The Holy Spirit has been speaking to the Church through many credible prophets. I have not made it a habit to seek these out, but friends, who know my passions have on occasions handed me prophecies. I share just two or three here because the Holy Spirit confirmed these to me with signs and visions before and after I read them. These have been given to prepare and warn the church for what is to come. They are indelibly written on my heart because of the Holy Spirit has confirmed them powerfully to me. I donít ask you to believe them because of what I say, for He will witness them to you, but I share my confirmations that you may be encouraged, because things sometimes seem to be slow in coming to fulfilment.

Itís September 2008 as I write this but most of the things I share all occurred in 1996 and 1997 and one prophecy was given in 1961. In my heart, these stand the test of time, and perhaps other things that I share after these prophecies will help you if you have felt that these things have been slow in coming and so hope deferred has cooled your heart (Proverbs 13:12). Or worse still, that you are tempted to conclude that these visions have failed. (Ezekiel 12:21-23)

A vision for Australia

In June 1996 I resigned my full-time job of 7 years to take up a one year contract. I had been incredibly busy in the weeks before that, so that afternoon I sat back and while everyone else had a coffee-break I reached into my briefcase and pulled out a photo-copy of a prophecy that a I was given by a dear friend two weeks earlier. The prophecy was given to Sister Olive Reekie in October 1995, some 8 months earlier. As I read the introductory sections I was excited, but when I read the part as the author described what she saw as she was taken into a dramatic vision, I was astounded. You see, the Holy Spirit had shown me a glimpse of this vision the night before. So, Iíll tell you what I saw and leave you to read what I read.

I got up about 1 am, feeling more restless than holy, but as was my habit I sat in the lounge and started talking to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit. Some people call it prayer. I donít see visions very often, but I saw myself looking down on a golden map of Australia. I saw the hand of God come over the nation. There was a gap between His fingers over the north-west of the nation so I asked that no one miss out. The gap closed and I saw wind and rain sweeping down under His hand. Then my vision was over. I prayed a while longer and went back to bed. I grasped nothing of the significance of what had just happened until I read the following:

Vision given to Sister Olive Reekie

Tommy Hicks End-Times Vision

This is a famous vision and can be found in many places on the web. Many have understood its importance and I need to say nothing more, but you guessed it; I am going to say something. A few days before someone handed me a print-out I had a dream. I saw a stream of people being gently placed in building blocks and shot up into the sky or space where they became part of a small structure that then became part of a larger structure. It was immense in size and I could not see all of it. I could not recognise what it was.

When I read the prophecy a few days later I realised that what I saw in my dream was part of the upper body and right arm of the giant, that is the church, in the vision given to Tommy Hicks. But there was second part in my dream Ė a beautify child was presented to me. This part of the dream had a vision-like quality. This child was my daughter Ė my first child. The twist is Ė she was not yet born. She was born a month later and at the age of three months she was the exact likeness from the vision. I recognised that in the vision she was wearing her favourite white smock which was given to us after she was born.

There was a third part of the dream which I hope, in part, will be fulfilled by this website. I walked into a round room and people were lying down, asleep or drowsy. My wife followed me in carrying a baby. As I started to speak people sat up and paid attention. That the people were lying down further tied in with the church/giant being pictured as lying down, struggling for life, but now is time for church to rise up. In other revelations to me God has used the image of the birth of a baby to stand for the dramatic revival of the church (Jesus wife). Indeed, the most dramatic event of all time was heralded by the birth of Jesus.

But wait Ė thereís more. A few days after I read the prophecy, I was taking my 4 year old niece for a walk along the beach. She was splashing in the shallows in front of me. The Holy Spirit suddenly grabbed my attention and while I was asking what it was I was supposed to see, my niece turned around and jumped into a squatting position with her arms thrust into the air above her and declared that she could see ďa giant getting up over all the worldĒ, plus something else. Then she resumed splashing in the shallows as if nothing had happened. She just described the key element of Tommy Hicks vision! God confirmed that vision both before and after I read it and used my unborn daughter, my first child, as a sign to me!

So read it now for yourself:

Tommy Hicks End Times Vision

The prophet born in 1950

In 1997 I was listening to John-Paul Jackson who has what I call a serious prophetic gifting. It was not a particularly big gathering. Now I donít know if it was on purpose or just the way the Holy Spirit unfolded things, but John-Paul introduced himself, mentioning that he was 47 years old, from which I deduced that he was born in 1950. He later said that he was really looking forward to being 80. He did not know why but presumed there would be some great move of God. Well, thatís 2030. (It seems to me that the first lesson you learn in the prophetic is never to mention dates because then you can be proven wrong. My own experience and that of Scripture is that the dates are not wrong but God, in His mercy, keeps delaying things.)

John-Paul also shared how his mother was told before he was born, that as a sign of his 11th hour ministry, she would be pregnant with him 11 months, and it was so. Well Iíve heard this term, the ďthe eleventh hourĒ used before in the context of the times we are in and I like everyone else was perhaps a little casual in regard to its significance until the Holy Spirit showed me something that I will reveal in the next section.

A caution first...

I have quoted some people above who have been given serious credibility by God in thier ministries. I am now about to speak of what God has shown me, not merely as a confirmation of what these other prophets have been shown. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT assign me any credibility or importance just because I refer to others who do have credibility. These men and women have been given favour in the eyes of many by God. What I share must stand in its own right by the witness of the Holy Spirit, but what I share next, I do feel is on Godís agenda.

OK, now youíre ready for:

Still with me after 11:23? Well why not see if God isnít using the same timing now as He used in the lead-up to Jesusí first coming, in:

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