It’s 11:23

At the eleventh hour, the final call went out (Matthew 20:6).
It’s 11:23pm, 24th July 2008.
At midnight the bridegroom arrived (Matthew 25:6).

Created: 2008/07/24. Updated: 2016/03/02.

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On the 24th of July, 2008, I woke from a dream. I had seen a vision-like picture of the time “11:23” plus some other details. I rolled over in my bed and the digital clock read as 11:23. Now this sort vision had happened a few times over the last year or two but it was always 11:22 in the vision and on the digital clock. After a while I figured out that God was reminding me that this is the 11th hour, which I understood as meaning that we a right on the verge of something. So I would thank Him and usually a little grumpily, try and get back to sleep.

But this time He opened my eyes to see what He has been saying all along – it’s 11:23 p.m. now! I started to laugh out loud, telling my wife that God was talking to me. And that in itself really underlined it to me. I now understood what He was saying, namely, that in the day is like a thousand years mapping, we are at 11:23 p.m. on the 6th day! (Psalm 90:4, 2 Peter 3:8.) I had just been rounding off “God’s Timetable” in Page-1-God, so I really knew the significance of the times we were in – but this accurately?

Now 1 hour is 41.7 years with this scaling and one minute is 8.33 months. So, if it was 11:23:00 exacly, then there are 37 minutes to midnight. 37 minutes equates to 25.7 years. Add that to July 2008 and you get March 2034. But I did not know how many seconds past 11:23 it was. I had been seeing 11:22 for way over 8 months earlier so it was surely well past 11:23:00. So perhaps it’s closer to 36 minutes before midnight. So then midnight would be closer to August 2033. After seeing this I was reminded that Jesus return is expected on the Feast of Trumpets, which is on the new moon in September/October. I found the following web site that seems to have a good description on the feasts of Israel:
And this site:,
that puts the date of this festival on the 23rd of September in 2033.

So the end of the 6th millennium since Adam and the start of the 7th, the millennium reign of Jesus, is 23 Sep 2033. (This makes no assumptions about a pre or post tribulation rapture.)

Before this vision I had pretty much seen from a variety of other things that 2030 was likely to be a significant time. Indeed, that is why I chose the title “Game Over – 2030” for this series of articles. And then with virtually everything finished, and having seen 11:22 several times, suddenly, via this obscure method of telling me the current time, out pops 2033. I don’t really care right now whether it’s 2033 or 2030. This is a surprise even to me. This confirms to me that it was God and not me!

I told no-one for a while. Then I described it to a close friend. Hardly had I finished than another friend came over. I mentioned we were talking about end times and before I could say anything he leapt in with how “no-one knows the day or the hour”. (I did not tell him that I merely narrowed it to the month.) Yes, I know the scripture all too well, but shall I pretend it didn’t happen? Anyhow, I’ve written it down now and God can stop waking me up at 11:23.

Look, John-Paul Jackson says he’s got an 11th hour ministry, with a sign to confirm it, and that he is going to live till he is at least 80 (2030), and that will be the greatest part of his ministry. Well 1 hour is 41 years. So if his main ministry was say from ages 39 to 80 then it fits in.

2033/2034 is nearly exactly 40 years (1 hour) after 1994. Anyone recall something dramatic starting in 1994 in Toronto? (By the way, I believe that the Toronto Blessing was a move of God, but the lack of discernment in the Church as a hole, accepted some manifestations that should have been silenced. God blessed me, spoke to me, and then started a severe pruning for over a decade. Out of those trials He has prepared me for these revelations. I get angry when I hear people criticize the Toronto Blessing as a move of Satan, but accept that some of Satan’s tricks were not discerned by sections of the Church.)

What exactly will happen in 2033/2034? What will happen in the years leading up to then? Just be ready!

Rules of Prophecy

Earlier I said that the first thing you learn in the prophetic is never to mention dates because, then you can be proven wrong. This is man’s rule, not God’s rule. I have just declared the date of the greatest event in New Testament times and so I thought I should add a little background to help you understand how to react to this. I have grappled with God for quite a few years on issues related to knowing the future and I hope this helps. I don’t know where this is heading. Usually I wait till I think have it and then write it down, but this time we’ll work it out together. It’s really a collection of somewhat loosely related pieces of revelation that might help. Only the Holy Spirit can show you how to react.

Forget the date – “Be Alert”

Matthew 24:36-44, Matthew 25:6-13, Mark 13:32-36, make it clear that we will not know the day or the hour, so you would want to have some reason to override those scriptures. I meant it only as a joke, to say that I have only declared the month, not the day or the hour. Even to declare the year or decade is effectively pinning down what has been held hidden by God for thousands of years. But wait, the scriptures I just sighted all go on to remind you to remain watchful, even though its seems to be taking a long time. As I write this I recall that the overall goal of all my articles and this web-site was to focus the Church on God’s timetable so that we would be alert and ready. So I know that God has been preparing me for such a revelation. So don’t focus on the exact date as much as the call to be alert.

God speaks to a generation

The time scale for what I declare is the next 26 years – just one generation. God is raising up a generation to see Christ’s return. God does speak specifically to a generation. Jesus spoke clearly and frequently to the current generation, warning them that they were missing it and would suffer the consequences...

This list is incredibly long. It came simply from a search for the word “generation”. I was surprised that the vast majority of occurrences of this word in the Gospels was in the context of a rebuke or warning by Jesus to the current generation. And sorry boys and girls, but the warning and timetable I declare has a similar agenda. The Church in many places is not ready for Christ’s return and those that are not ready will miss out and God does not want that. Isn’t that what the parable of the Ten Virgins is about (Matthew 25:1-13).

The generation that sees His return

In Matthew 24:3-31, Jesus speaks about the end-times. Then in Matthew 24:34 He says,

“Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.”

This is repeated in Luke 21:32 and Mark 13:30. I’m sure that His disciples thought that “this generation” meant them and took it in their hearts as a call to “be alert”. Certainly the apostle Paul had this opinion – the expectation that he would see Jesus return (1 Corinthians 7:29, 1 Thessalonians 4:15). John 21:20-23 shows that there was an expectation that John would see Jesus’ return. (Have you noticed what good company you are in when you expect to see Jesus return?) Matthew 16:28 further reinforces their expectation, “Truly I tell you, there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom”.

I have talked in other places how “generation” can mean “race” and in this sense verse 34 is true. But there is another way to interpret verse 34. It is to understand that the generation that witnesses all the signs that Jesus had just described, will not die but will see His return. It is my opinion that we are that generation.

Not so much when, but near

Matthew 24:32-35, also repeated in Mark 13:28-31, and Luke 21:29-36, does tell us that we will know when the time is near. The latter verses in Luke 21:34-36 carry on the theme of being watchful. Knowing it’s near and being watchful are inter-related. Matthew 24:3-14 gives signs to warn us that the time is near and in fact all the rest of that chapter. But it is also to comfort us that, though things look bad, Jesus’ return is near. So you have to admit that knowing at least “near” is OK. 26 years seems pretty “near” to me.

Mysteries revealed to a chosen generation

Ephesians 3:3-5, Colossians 1:26-28 suggests that mysteries hidden from past generations can be revealed. The Colossians verses point out that the revelation of the mystery is so that we may be presented as perfect in Christ. Or in other words, spotless (1 Timothy 6:14, Ephesians 5:27). 1 Peter 2:9 speaks of a chosen generation and so too shall there be a generation chosen to see Christ’s return. This revelation is coming, not to know the time, but that we may be found spotless.

It is not for you to know...

At the start of the Book of Acts, Jesus tells his disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the gift of the Holy Spirit. The disciples then ask Jesus if this will involve the restoration of the kingdom to Israel. His reply in Acts 1:7 is:

“It is not for you to know times or epochs which the Father has fixed by His own authority...”

Surely I should read that as a clear indication that I cannot know! OK, so you can choose to read it like that, but I have just shown that God reveals mysteries hidden to a chosen generation. This verse does not deny God the privilege of revealing this. God seems to have worked Jesus death, resurrection and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit around the dates of the feasts of Israel and we can be very confident that the return of Jesus will also be on a feast date. This verse, and others like Acts 17:26 and 1 Thessalonians 5:1-5 confirm that God has set the time. Via “God’s Timetable” in Page-1-God, He is now warning His Church so the Day of the Lord will not arrive like a thief in the night. The timetable is probably accurate plus or minus a decade. This vision simply narrows it down to plus or minus a year.

And here He is

In Matthew 11:11-15, Jesus declared that John the Baptist was the greatest man born up until then. John was a prophet. Many prophets had spoken about the Messiah and done great signs. John did not do any signs. Why was John so great? One day I realised – a prophet is not great by what he does, but by what revelation he is given to declare. All the prophets before him spoke of the Messiah that was to come, but John was the one who had the honour to also declare, “and here He is”. Well, guess what I and others are saying – “and He is coming again very soon”.

Matthew 11:16-19 immediately follows Jesus declaration about John with the words, “But to what shall I liken this generation?”. This is a continuation, and it’s a warning to those in the current generation who are missing it. But wait, verses 20-24 is another continuation and a rebuke to those rejecting Jesus. And then verses 25-30, also spoken at the same time, is the blessing for those who accept Jesus. Both the declaration of “here He is” and the declaration of “He is coming again soon” carries a warning – there will be a distinction between those who accept and those who reject. The first was delivered to the Jews, God’s chosen race in the world after the flood. Did you know that the word often translated as “generation”, can be also translated as “race”. The second declaration is to the Church in this generation.

This revelation I share is not being given to the world, but it is spoken to the Church – the Ten Virgins all waiting for the bridegroom, but only five were ready – Matthew 25:1-13. Notice that verse 6 says specifically that the bridegroom arrives at midnight! Well, it’s 11:23 now.

Will God be pleased?

About not knowing the day or the hour. ...Do you think God will be pleased to have Jesus suddenly turn up and say, “Ha-ha, caught you knapping. Off to hell with all of you.” Well, be assured that Jesus will turn up when we don’t expect Him (Matthew 24:36-44, 45-51, 25:1-13). But it is not God’s heart that we be unprepared, and so, lost (Matthew 18:14). That is why there were so many warnings already mentioned. But there is no point in saying, “He is coming tomorrow” or even next month or even next year. It takes time to get a people ready, especially when they have lost the plot. Don’t get me wrong on salvation – in a moment of revelation we can be saved. What I am talking about is the pain of getting the yeast out; of getting man’s teaching out and God’s ways in. And then we need time to bring in the large harvest!

The reason God did not reveal the date 2,000 years ago is that some people would slack-off and lose-the-plot. So God’s desire was that they be alert. However, the same desire to see His children alert and ready, actually releases the date now that it is imminent!

By the way, 26 years from now, with signs in sky above and the earth below, with the tribulations, and the Anti-Christ established, no-one will recall this prediction – they won’t need to. But all those who have not treasured God’s word in their hearts, will be caught un-aware.

What and When

When I started the section on rules, I did not have any of the above in mind. So perhaps that is the most important things I have to share. What I was going to talk about is knowing “what” and knowing “when”. Prophecy has always declared what was to come but rarely when it was to come, although in places, there have been clues. Usually it also requires a prophetic revelation to realise when a predication has actually been fulfilled. But recognising Jesus has returned after He returns does not suit God’s purposes. This revelation has to come before.

John 16:13 tells us that we will be told of things to come, but does that mean what or when or both? It means, whatever God chooses to reveal!

If we are told what but not when, then we remain attentive to God, waiting on the when. It tends to change our hearts. Knowing that something is “soon” suggests a when, but the experience of scripture is that it’s a sort of ever present expectation that stops us from falling into bad practices. But if we know when, as a date, then in our heart we may wait for the date rather than waiting on God. All I want to say now is that God has dealt with me thoroughly on that issue. But the entire warning and message of 2033 is not to wait for that time, but to get serious now and so be prepared for what is to come. And what is to come is a series of events (including the tribulation), that culminates in Jesus’ return and the start of his millennium reign. That is what we are to be prepared for.

Here are some precedents for knowing when:

A final warning

Did you notice how many warnings were issued in the previous sections. Frankly, the message in the “Raised from the dead” article speaks more loudly still. I wondered if God could every speak more boldly than through those testimonies. But God did speak to me once. He had been dealing with me for a while on the theme of waiting on Him, especially in regard to a dramatic revival coming to the Church. But then in about 1998 He said to me, “My judgement will fall on those who wait when I am ready”. This troubled me and to shorten the story, He showed me that it was like the times when He wanted to bring His chosen people into the promised land, but they refused when the heard a bad report from the spies (Numbers 13:32). His judgement resulted in 40 years in the desert, and none of those who refused Him entered the promised land. 1 Peter 4:17 also reminds us that judgement begins with the household of God. So this should not be a surprise to us. Most assuredly God will make a distinction amongst those in His household during these end-times.

I know what I have just said is hard to accept. I know so many scriptures that assure those who have placed their faith in Jesus that they are forgiven and will not be judged. My articles in “The way back” continuously reinforce the completeness of what Jesus has done, perhaps none better than “No Whipping Boy”. That article may help clarify some issues to do with anger, judgement and punishment. So how can I say that “judgement will fall on those who wait when God is ready”? First, I did not say that — God said it to me and confirmed it in 1 Peter 4:17!

Now a friend challenged me about this because he felt that God’s judgement fell on Jesus and so believers are not subject to judgement. So we reviewed all of 1 Peter 4 to see that the initial verses talk about trials and persecution of believers by non-believers. These bring us an eternal glory, if we don’t fall way. This is not eternal judgement and separation from God, but it’s not nice. It wasn’t nice those 40 years in the dessert either. So this judgement I spoke of does not necessarily take away a believer’s salvation, but the difficult times may cause some to turn away from Jesus. Judgement is more often linked to Israelites, or believers, turning away from God to some other god, rather than to specific sins like adultery or theft. If God’s judgement falls upon any part of the Church; it will be because they have turned away from Jesus. That then leads to all manner of other sins.

However you view it, it seems to me that God will not be pleased with those who refuse Him in this coming move. The warnings to the Churches in Revelation 2 and 3 have many precedents for Jesus warning His church with serious consequences. We are leading up to a period of tribulation that will test EVERYONE. Indeed 1 Peter 4:7 warns that the end of all things is near. Certainly, Christians will be specifically targeted to deny Jesus and worship the anti-Christ. It seems academic to debate whether, or by how long, 1 Peter 4:17 will precede this.

Please also recall the prophecies by Sister Olive Reekie and by Tommy Hicks. Both describe believers who refuse this move and in both cases, it’s not pretty. So, it’s not me you are arguing with.

God is and will speak to us as He prepares us to bring in the final harvest. So, dear friends, do not refuse Him ... Hebrews 12:22-29 . And why would we refuse Him unless we had turned from our first love. It will always be about staying true to Jesus.

What to do next

But what should we do? I actually hate sermons and prophetic words that exhort us to action but you really don’t know what to do. You can have a look at What to do next, but it boils down to this...

Don’t do anything – wait on God. If you are serious and wait on Him, He will speak.

In March 2016 I wrote an article called “Imminence” describing the early church’s imminent expectation of the return of Jesus. This also deals with difficulties that the modern church has with an imminent return. So that article might be the next port of call for you. 

Credibility issues

First read the line above – I have not asked you to do anything. You see I have no credibility. There are some really cool prophetic ministries being raised up at this time. They are given favour by God. They get amazing words of knowledge. If one of these were to make such a prediction then I suppose you would have to take it seriously. But that is the great thing about me saying it. You see, if I had any credibility then God might hold you accountable for ignoring me, but He does not want you to encounter harsh discipline (Luke 12:47-48, Habakkuk 1:5, Acts 13:40-41). If you are not listening to His Spirit or sensing His witness, then you might as well stay deaf.

Second, when God wants you to know without any doubt that something is to happen, or is from Him, then He tends to confirm it with a sign. In 1994 I heard many prophecies, going back 40 years that predicted a move of God starting that year. But one issued just months before also declared a dramatic sign that was fulfilled. But the sign was not to confirm the prophecy because the move started. The sign was to confirm that it was God, because sadly, some parts of the Church actually attributed the move of God to Satan. This is Satan’s oldest trick – to try and take the credit and deny God the glory (Luke 11:15). The recent “Raised from the dead” accounts are such signs. We are approaching troubled times. There will be false prophets and deception. But false prophets will never encourage you to seek and wait on Jesus. They may try and deceive you and say He has already come. I’m sure some will try that line on me. It is a sad misreading of everything I say, but the Pharisees said it of Jesus.

Third, though I can claim no prophetic credibility, you might find yourself wondering that since all this has clear Biblical precedent then, “Perhaps I need to take it seriously”. That is roughly where I would like you to sit. But if you further feel that the Holy Spirit has given me insight in some of the other articles I have written, especially “God’s Timetable”, which predicts these times, indeed the same time, from a historical perspective rather than a prophetic perspective, then just nudge up your degree of seriousness a little.

But wait, the most beautiful thing is confirmation. Do you see other people coming out with this? Did you get a dream or vision or word and then you read this and realised it was confirmation? That has happen to me and it’s awesome. What about asking your friends? Why don’t you put it like this...

“There is this guy who is saying some insane things, but they seem biblical – what do you think?”

Have I got it wrong before?

Toward the end of 1997, several prophetic events led me to the expectation that God was going to start something dramatic in Australia in December 1997. I was waiting with great expectancy for the move of God to start. Then I had a dream. A child was to be born at exactly midnight on the 31st December 1997, but because of the painfulness of the delivery, it was delayed 15 minutes. I knew that the birth was this move of God. I was shattered – what I was expecting had been delayed. How long would the “15 minutes” be? I figured out why it was going to be painful – because some believers would not be ready and would be “blown away”, and this grieved God. So He delayed it.

OK, I got that date wrong. You now have an excuse to ignore everything I say. But it gets worse. Again in 2002, a series of significant events reconfirmed my expectancy. Although the events standout in my memory as confirmation of God’s intentions, the date came and went. Reluctantly I wondered if the 15 minutes might be 10 years, on the Day is like 1,000 years scaling. Well, that decade has now come and gone and the move of God is still pending.

So now you might conclude that this “day=1000 years” scaling does not work. All I can say is that I have gone through every thought and emotion conceivable on this issue myself. I have reminded God about scriptures related to long waits and deferrals (Proverbs 13:12, Ezekiel 12:21-23). I felt I had lost all credibility, but with that I have also lost my pride, so I can now do what He wants. I have come, slowly, to a place where I recognise that it is His word, not mine, and He can do what-ever He likes with His word and His servants because it’s to His Glory and it’s His ways.

Having said that and prepared this “confession” lest you think too highly of me, and after spending a decade coming at this from every angle possible, something new occurred to me. In 1995 I heard Bob Mumford share about two words both commonly translated as the “will of God”. (If I was a teacher and scholar, I would quote the words but I’m not.) One means the “eternal unfolding purposes of God” and the other means “the wishes and desires of God”.

I think that it is God’s wish to visit the nation of Australia with a powerful move of His Spirit. I think He desired to start it in 1997 and again in 2002. I heard someone else with more credibility than me also make a prediction before 2000. But if we are stubborn and slow to prepare ourselves then He may delay His intentions, especially because He is “unwilling that any of these little ones be lost”. Scriptures like Ezekiel 33:13-16 and Jeremiah 18:7-10 do indicate that God is prepared to relent in His purposes, be they to bless or curse, according to our response.

However, when I declare that “It’s 11:23”, I am referring to God’s eternal unfolding purposes as revealed in His prophetic agenda outlined even in Genesis 1, then I see much less room for delay. Rather now I see...

Wow, that sounds pretty bold when you say it like that! Well, I did not hear God sware it. No angel told me it in some third heaven encounter. So perhaps you are again happy to dismiss it. But repetition is a sign that the purposes of a dream or vision are certain to be fulfilled and my 11:22/11:23 vision had occurred several times. So here is my closing recommendation – don’t debate whether or not it is true or false, but just keep it close to your heart and see what the Holy Spirit does with it.

I don’t want to know!

Perhaps you have taken this word seriously and find yourself arguing with someone else about it. Some people just don’t want to know. 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 warns them not to despise prophecies, but to test them. Here are some options...

Please remember, this word is not something I ask you to hold some special faith, or do anything in particular except to see what the Holy Spirit shows you. It’s an encouragement that Jesus is coming soon – in our life time! The Holy Spirit will see that God’s purposes are fulfilled through it.

Are you into biblical numerology?

March 2010. I’m not too fussed about special meanings of numbers but I came across the following site when looking into something else...

I had already noticed that the vision showed 11:23 or 23:23 had I been using a 24 hour display mode. It pointed 25 years forward to 23 Sep 2033 and was the change over from the 2nd to the 3rd millennia since Jesus’ resurrection. The 11:23 was only significant in that it points 25 years forward. So it’s the 25 more than the 23 that is significant to me.

I have not researched why these numbers have these associations. See what you make out of the meanings associated with these numbers...

  1. Deals in reference towards things or situations that involves death or extinction.

  2. Deals with the expectancy of receiving divine grace and redemption from the almighty God.

  3. Deals in reference with the making of a pledge or promise to someone.

Scripture quotations taken from the NASB®

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