Rules of Rebuke

Rule 1: If you don’t believe there is a God then you don’t get to play.

After that there really are no rules. If you want to complain then go for it. This article is actually for people who read those rebukes, to discern various issues.

Created: 2009/11/14.

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God requires respect between believers. Paul offered tolerance of different viewpoints on the eating of meat (Romans 14:13-23, 1 Corinthians 8 and 1 Corinthians 10:19-33). Some will see one scripture supporting one view point while others see it differently. It is not just about quoting scripture. It’s about enabling people to see God and Jesus as the way to God and letting the Holy Spirit do the rest. Jesus did not say that by quoting scripture they will know that “you are my disciples” but by “loving one another”.

To disprove GeckoFocus

Many will site scriptures claiming that they should be understood to mean something different to the way I have interpreted them. To a degree this is acceptable and to be expected because we all have a different revelation of His word. Some will go past what is acceptable and pervert the word. But the debate about this scripture and that scripture rarely yields a definitive understanding even amongst believers who acknowledge the authority of the Bible. I could wish that this were not so but I think that God is happy with some variance because He does not want robots responding to definitive rules, so He has allowed some flexibility. He also hides mysteries and requires us to listen to His Holy Spirit to discern its relevance to us both corporately and individually and over time. So there will always be differences.

So if you really want to disprove assertions and insights that I offer on this site, you probably won’t achieve it by arguing about the interpretation of various scriptures. In your mind you might, but I and others will see that the interpretation offered here is within the bounds of the Bible and acceptable. Chapters 17 and 19 in Page-1-God have relevant examples.

To really disprove my assertions you have to show that they pervert the image of God.

If I have perverted His word then it is bound to result in some perversion in the image of God. In particular, about God as creator (Alpha) and about our need for Jesus (Redeemer) and about our resurrection to eternal life in Heaven (Omega). Or I will have perverted His image as a God of Love and of Righteousness.

If I have not perverted this image then you will find it hard to disprove my assertions. I claim that my radical assertions actually enhance these attributes and image of God, so how then can they be dismissed?

If you really want to rebuke me you will have to reveal your image of God. Those who are reading the rebuke should look to see how its image of God stacks up against the image I declare and the image God declares in His word.

My image of God

God is the all mighty creator of heaven and earth. A loving father, merciful and slow to anger, yet bound by His own righteousness to judge sin. So He sent His own dear son Jesus, to deal with sin, so that all who believe in Jesus can be welcomed into His heaven. The Bible is about the relationship of God and man, whom God created to be His children and a bride for Jesus. It started with Adam and will finish in heaven.

Find out what they believe

All these things and more influence the image they have of God and that image colours the way they read Scripture.

A passionate debate

I have declared in various places my passion for the image of God and of His word. In places I have anticipated some responses and suggested that they are legalistic, just like the Pharisees. I have even questioned the motivation behind some responses. This is a gloves off debate. I image that there are some people I will meet in heaven that will argue, at least initially, against my proposals.

If my proposals really do refocus the Church on God’s timetable and on Jesus then they will be opposed. They must at least initially be contested (1 Thessalonians 5:21, 1 John 4:1-3). I don’t mind people sticking with the classic interpretation of scriptures and personally choosing the long held classic understanding of Genesis because they have grasped God and Jesus. I do wonder what reasons they will come up with to stop others personally choosing the insights that I offer.

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