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What intro can I offer that doesnít sound presumptuous? Godís Timetable is revealed to a chosen generation. Misrepresentations of God are corrected. The universe is explained. The focus is all on Jesus. Everything gets simpler when academic notions are seen through Godís eyes. Some people donít even think you are allowed to know what I share, but I dare you to prove me wrong.

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Page 1: Godís Timetable

Preview the book. Godís timetable for mankind hidden in Genesis. Get the quintessential elements of this website.

The COI Universe

Discover our position in the universe and how gravity evolved and dispersed the galaxies.

Game Start ó Genesis 2

This is where Godís timetable started and now houses a myriad of insights to follow-up the book. It will give you a whole new image of Godís creation.

Game Over ó 2030

Actually, not quite Game Overóit just steps up a level. Checkout the science and the prophecies.

The Way Back

Discover the rule that God plays by.
Return to the simplicity of what Jesus did.

A little shakeup

A little work-out session for your theology.


Donít go home without reading the critique. (Not much here yet.)

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A tribute to my mum.

WARNING: Iíve tried my best to create catchy titles and bi-lines that will invite you to read exquisitely beautiful things, seemingly little understood in Christendom. You will discover things hidden for ages, and things yet to come. Unfortunately, I cannot make you read it. There are hardly any pictures to dazzle, but there are no ads to clutter it. Iíve spent over 10 years building it. When you have the time and desire, this may be a place you will find something you need.